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Location: Home  Blogs  SAW ACDC Pete Died tonight 
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SAW ACDC Pete Died tonight
SAW ACDC Pete Died tonight25 Jun, 2017
  Kirdorfer (8 comments, 2181 views)  

Pete .....

I know not all Players liked Him , but he was a Great Driver ! I see him at my Home when he visited me with his best friend in Real Life : Blacky . Both from Vienna. They visit my hometown for a Festival, it falls in big thunderstorm Raining, but we have Fun!
He sit beside me at my 2nd PC, left Hand smoke a cigrette, right Hand on the arrow keys, and make recs drunken like hell .)

I loved to see this !

we have some probs since MP4 come out , split the Team a bit , but ist just a GAME.#

Now he is DEAD, and we only remember the recs he do , some are much better than riolus/Elst/Kiwi aso. , and he is still nr. 1 in LP Valley rank, iam so sad that he dont get his 90k !

He Die with 50 years Young. think all the other Drivers are much younger than him can kill his recs.

So please let him R.I.P.

I miss you Pete !

Regards , SAW Ohebukki

8 comment(s).
  gouadeloupe writes ... 04, Aug, 2017  
Pete, ACDC, Nous a quitté, la vie vie et la vie par,bon, tres bon joueur. Je vous informe, pas mal de joueur on plus de 50 ans sur mania planet, ne l'oublier pas, pour moi le pinguin, j'ai dépassé la 60 éne, je perds de la vitesse, mes mon travail de map profite, cher Pete, je pense que tu nous regarde , car je crois en la résurrection des grandes âmes, vie bien parmis les anges, le pinguin, avec mon KkkK, a bientôt dans les cieux
  Moonlight Creative writes ... 22, Jul, 2017  
  nibor writes ... 12, Jul, 2017  
:$ RIP
   OLDA_X writes ... 30, Jun, 2017  

  medinaDesbois writes ... 28, Jun, 2017  
R.I.P.. :(
  gigahz writes ... 26, Jun, 2017  
omg i am so sad, he was a good driver but i see him for a long time a go.
trackmania loses a great man.

so sad

   HaagseSmurf writes ... 26, Jun, 2017  
Ah man thats shit news from SAW ACDC :(
I had a lot of chats with him in the past.
He even wanted me to co-run his ROC server before.
He wasnt the easiest of persons but like a lot of people, tough from the outside but when you look better, a good heart from the inside.
This makes me sad.
May he rest in peace.
Take care Ohebukki and all others who knew him.

  Doc_Me4ik writes ... 26, Jun, 2017  
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