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Slow, tight, techy!
Slow, tight, techy!09 Jan, 2012
  tcq (10 comments, 912 views)  
As i played a lot of techy maps during the TWL0 and at the ESL, i thought that the direction of mapping for tournaments is a little one sided. Nowadays it seems like the Olympic Motto "faster, higher, stronger". But due to this, we get maps which are getting faster and faster with crazy jumps and slides, where you are dead if you blink for one second.
Therefore i decided to make an counter proposal, with a map which is getting tighter and tighter, while still pretty slow paced. You need to focus much on this track, but there aren't any unfair sections where you need to hit a mouse hole with speed 500 or so. The map was build with a kb and therefore you can still get a good time, without analogue steering. You just need to lose maybe a little gas here and there and try to keep the car on the ground. The shortest line isn't always the fastest.

If you are interested now, then give it a try. Looking forward to feedback and i love to watch replays. Please upload them, even if the time is bad. It helps me to improve my mapping, if i see where people have problems.

Good luck all

Here is a true, but very hard master piece in the tight tech style Flared, by phil. I hope you guys check it out. It's tricky, but if you stay tuned it will be an eye opener. You start with a great 180° downslide into a platform tunnel, followed by a nice jump to a narrow road. This one brings you the first headache until you master the final slide on this section full speed. Afterwards comes the frustrating section, which is a very tight jump from concrete to GP. If you don't get it perfect, the next section (a GP to offroad transition) is a complete mess. But if you get it, it's just wow. You can take the next uphill slide full speed till the CP and the rest of the map is a real creative usage of narrow sections and a ncie transition which marks the finish.
I hope you guys give it a try, it's worth it.
10 comment(s).
  SPIDER writes ... 14, Jan, 2012  
tcq says:
I'm looking forward to it and don't hesitate to post the map in this blog :d

here it is ;) Name: ""Tiger-man"" ID: 13488
  smigles writes ... 13, Jan, 2012  
Flared is great :) I am glad that I have it on Mistral :)

Also, it's in a doable lenght. For Phil's maps, you realy have to add 50% to the AT. His 1 minute track was not finishable under 1:20 for most of our players. But his 0:45 map is a perfect 1 minute track for most normal drivers :)
  tcq writes ... 10, Jan, 2012  
Extended my blog post about a track review by another tight and techy map. If you are painless, give it a try.
  DarmaYa writes ... 10, Jan, 2012  
Slow, tight and techy, i love it.
There is my declination.
Thanks for your interesting post.
  tcq writes ... 09, Jan, 2012  
Yeah, but the problem is that the usage of narrow roads seems to be pretty limited and if you want to keep it slow you are nearly only adding one 180° to another.

I'm looking forward to it and don't hesitate to post the map in this blog :d

Yeah, you mean phil :d Haven't tried his maps till now, but i think i definitely should :d
  SPIDER writes ... 09, Jan, 2012  
I am going to try to build a track like this. (l)
  smigles writes ... 09, Jan, 2012  
I realy like this slow &narrow style, it shows that there is still a lot that can be done with the canyon enviroment to make canyon more difficult.

Aborttrap ( i think his ingame name is Phil ? ) also builds tech tracks like this. We had a few of them on Mistral, but people complained that it is too difficult :d
  r_teroor writes ... 09, Jan, 2012  
Oh ur comment are in an imcomprehensible languague for me :(

Just I want to say tcq thats ur track is really what i want to see in the future of canyon. I want to see more people mapping tech maps and not only slow drift speed drift maps .. I want to see new uses of road :d

I just .. want to critik all the entire finish part who i think isn't like the rest of the map. Where u begin to use the blocks i just think that maybe an narrow section (in the ground or hexa or whaterver road with terraforming for the finish) may finish the map better ;D. No it isnt real but i want u use those blocks to see what u can do with it ^^

Great work tcq
Klovni time isn't perfect but he is already untouchable for me ^^

  tcq writes ... 09, Jan, 2012  
metoxys says:
Kann man die Strecke fullspeeden? Im Sinne von "nicht vom Gas runtergehen aber dennoch driften etc"

Bis auf zwei Stelle ist das möglich, wobei eine quasi unmöglich ist (die 180er im ersten Tunnel). Die S-Kurve in der Mitte der Strecke geht glaube auch nicht FS, aber hab es nie probiert. Hatte das eigentlich als "vom gas gehen" Stelle vorgesehen.
  metoxys writes ... 09, Jan, 2012  
Kann man die Strecke fullspeeden? Im Sinne von "nicht vom Gas runtergehen aber dennoch driften etc"
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