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"Blog"08 Jun, 2012
  metoxys (13 comments, 836 views) 
There are not many "Blogs".
These "Blogs" are now getting strict [subjective!] rules.
These "Blogs" will get removed if they don't fit these rules.
The rules will reduce the number of already active "Blogs".

According to me, this will even reduce the activity on this site. Then the "Feature this track on your blog!" thingy is useless and should be removed.

Please, discuss.
Do people prefer...?14 Apr, 2012
  metoxys (15 comments, 866 views) 
Guys, a question for all of you.

Do you prefer highly competitive maps, ultrasmooth nonslide fullspeeders or stuff with looping that you'd see online?

Leave comments, please.
New track of mine!16 Mar, 2012
  metoxys (7 comments, 679 views) 
Hey guys,

telling you all that a new track of mine has been released!

The track is also available on my manialink.
*sniff* I'll release it on MX in a week. :done:

Good luck beating the author time! :d

How are you guys?10 Mar, 2012
  metoxys (3 comments, 697 views) 
Ey guys,

sorry for the hiatus. Pretty bored atm.
Started an interesting track yesterday, tell me if you wanna betatest.
Pretty bored I am atm.

Looking for Screenshot Makers16 Jan, 2012
  metoxys (1 comments, 624 views) 
Hey guys,

I am needing someone to make some sexy screenshot for me. On a track of mine.
Since I am not wanting to publish the track before it's a 100% done, those of you who want to participate shall either PM me or comment. Those will receive the track.
The replays you gotta drive by yourself, don't be lazy bums
Also, I already calculated the track's shadows on Ultra High...
Read More
You all gotta donate16 Jan, 2012
  metoxys (13 comments, 943 views) 
Hey guys,

as there is a donate function now... and we have the mayor threat of le Mania-Exchange shutting down... We all gotta donate.

Imma just-a reminding ye all here to make at least a small donation.

Now really, click on that "Donate" button.

Happy 2012 from Germany!01 Jan, 2012
  metoxys (4 comments, 639 views) 
Hey guys,

I wish you all a happy 2012 from Germany!
... almost 15 hours too late but I fell asleep while watching a movie after midnight and I am a terribly long sleeper^^

I wish you all good health, a decent amount of free time, economic success et cetera

Let's all throw a party on December 22 this year! *snort snort*

Needing a 1k Project map [Price: 5000+ planets!]22 Dec, 2011
  metoxys (0 comments, 717 views) 
Hey guys,

I am currently looking for a map for another 1k Project that I am planning. Concerning the project itself, more details are revealed once a map has been found.

metoxys says:

  • Mood: Day or Sunrise
  • Difficulty to Finish: None
  • Must be suitable for a 1k Project
  • Should be fun enough to get 1000 replays on it
  • Shall have enough paths for 1000 replays to drive on
  • No MT!
  • Suitable length

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