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BASCO 2014 Stage 8 - Screen and MT [Page 7]
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BASCO 2014 Stage 8 - Screen and MT [Page 7] 20 October 2014 00:20:16  

    We've finally reached the final!

  • Welcome to the ManiaExchange BASCO 2014 Stage 8 - The Screenshot and MT Stage, where BASCO stands for "Build A Stage COmpetition"

    It will replace the Monthly Track Contest (MTC), September and October 2014.

  • What is a BASCO?
    The BASCO is a competition separated into 8 stages: The Route (6 Stages), the Scenery (1 Stage) and the Mediatracker/Screenshot (1 Stage). Each stage consists of a few days for building and a few days for judging.
    In each stage you continue on what has already been built in the previous stages and fight against your competitors for the best part, which will continue the map.

  • Timetable
    List of all deadlines
    The deadline is usually at 10pm CET.

  • Deadline for Stage 8
    As you can infer from list, the deadline for the this Stage will be Sunday, 26.10.2014 22:00:00.

  • Prize
    • :gold: Honour and the right to brag! (Jozii used to say that :p)
    • :gold: The winner of each stage wins a showcase of a map of his choice on the frontpage, getting extra spotlight!

  • Rules
    • Mediatracker:
      • For this stage you have to use the scenery of snake55wildcat
      • For the MT you are allowed to use create everything you want, but don't overdo it:p
      • Validate and save the Map as S#-YourAuthorName (S#= Stage #, so replace # with the current stage number) and upload it to the mapgroup for this BASCO.
    • Screenshot
      • Create up to three beautiful Screenshots and post them here in the thread. At best a big (optional) and a 400x290px version.
    • If you won a previous stage already, you're still allowed to submit to the MT stage. You're also allowed to submit to the MT and the Screenshot competition at the same time ;)

  • Judging
    Judging will be a bit different this time:[list]
  • Everyone is allowed to judge, even players who submitted a map/Screenshot (just give your own map a 10)
  • In order to judge you will have to fill out a form and enter your name in a list on mx to verify your judging. (The link and the exact spot to enter your name will be provided once the judging begins.)
  • Every part will be judged with marks from 1 (bad) to 10 (good).
  • Note that you have to judge a stage entirely, you cannot judge only half of it.
  • Yes, we'll use the same system for Screenshots too.
Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, please ask.(y)

EDIT: You're allowed to submit up to three screenshots now :cool:

Last edited by haenry, 31 October 2014 22:50:43
gado is a
Location: DE
20 October 2014 00:49:54  
trackname for screenshot?
Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
20 October 2014 12:05:43  
id suggest: MX BASCO 2014
just like the basco in 2012 was called
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
20 October 2014 16:15:24  
gado is a
Location: DE
20 October 2014 19:59:22  
I am about to finish my first stage!
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
20 October 2014 20:56:06  
so i think i have to post my screensubmission here:

Last edited by FT»Lodec, 20 October 2014 20:58:02
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
21 October 2014 00:45:17  
Uploaded my screenshot as well as my MT stage parts, its been a fun ride!(y)

1080p Version
Quad Bike Racer
Location: GB
21 October 2014 12:06:09  
I was bored.



Last edited by shortz, 22 October 2014 11:16:59
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
21 October 2014 14:18:36  
shortzsch pls
G-kart Racer
Location: TH
21 October 2014 16:43:27  
Is it allowed to place blocks for the MT stage, as long they are not interfering with the main track at all (and not ruin scenery)?
site development, media
Lead Developer
Location: DE
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