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MTC December 2015 - Double Five
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2015-12-24 12:57:18  
Some maps were build in Titlepacks, so they can only be out in that special TP on the server :s
gado is a
Location: DE
2015-12-24 19:53:17  
voted :done: (y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: IT
2015-12-25 19:53:32  
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
2015-12-27 06:40:17  
Voted :done:
Last edited by AR »rexine, 2015-12-27 06:40:31
Quad Bike Racer
Location: US
2015-12-30 01:53:05  
My vote is cast! Good luck! (y)
MTC Host
Location: US
2015-12-30 11:58:55  
Oups ^^ ! I've missed to reply :p

Voted :done:
G-kart Racer
Location: FR
Results :) 2016-01-03 23:04:02  

We had a lot of submissions considering that it was Christmas Time and so many players were busy in RL.
Anyhow, here's the Top 3:

:gold: 88 points

:silver: 85 points "mtc - sequoia by   ben3847

:bronze: 82.8 points "MTC - La Saga. by   spX Seven

Congratulations!! You guys won a showcase of a map of your choice (< 10 awards)

And here is the full list

You can see the comments and individual votes here as a webpage or as a spreadhseet

An attentive reader might ask himself now how Seven could have a 82.8 as a vote result.
Sadly, there were 5 maps in total that did not apply to the rules 100%. They all did the same mistake: They placed scenery objects in the middle gap, which was forbidden for building, except for signs and terraforming.
As all these scenery blocks had no effect on the driving line and really don't influence the map by much, I deduced 10% of the points from every map that violated the rules.

The adventcalendar points are based on an exponential decay tied to the points of each map. You can see the math behind it in the sheet. I think it is very fair ;)

Thank you for all the votes and submissions!
Happy new year everyone! :)
gado is a
Location: DE
2016-01-03 23:29:48  
Wow, violating the rules killed me so hard 8-|
Quad Bike Racer
Location: DE
2016-01-04 00:12:21  
Wow nice i won :) didnt think that since my map has 4 awards. GZ ben and you littlepunkhead seven :)
After 2 consecutive times second place now 1st place. Ty for breaking rules seven :) j/k
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
2016-01-04 00:13:20  
aw come on^^ i thought these gray/black wall things could count as signs because theyre in the same section as the signs in the editor. but i probably shouldve asked you about that
anyway, congrats to the other winners and thanks for the votes and thanks for everyone participating at the mtc (:
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
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