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Location: Home  Community Forums  Monthly Track Contest  MTC September 2016: Bring Your Own Physics [UPDATE] 
MTC September 2016: Bring Your Own Physics [UPDATE]
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04 September 2016 19:53:50  
Unfortunately, some of these are problems with MP itself. You mentioning gravity not changing but accel/steering actually changing is odd, I haven't seen that. Can you PM me with more info on when it happens? It may be a MP thing, but I'd still want to look into it.
Learner Driver
04 September 2016 21:00:30  
sure i'll try to capture it on a gif or so
Moped Racer
Location: BE
05 September 2016 15:25:05  
How am i supposed to upload my track?
It tells me that it's not validated.
Learner Driver
05 September 2016 20:45:54  
Wow, I'm going to be honest here: that is my fault. Thanks for mentioning it Formula. I fixed the bug, and in the process of doing so discovered that AT not saving was my fault as well, and fixed that. The titlepack has been updated (only change is the maptype), and will now save the author time with the map. My apologies to all of you guys. The D/L link is updated with the new titlepack (just redownload it). Thanks for giving this a try as well Formula.

EDIT: And then I broke solo. Fix incoming.
EDIT2: Fixed. Sorry 'bout that.
Last edited by Realspace, 05 September 2016 21:08:01
Learner Driver
05 September 2016 21:47:46  
going back to tmu I think :o
look at this. the extended version of the title pack in tm1
anyways I'll try to show you what i meant before
Last edited by FT»lolig, 05 September 2016 22:55:25
Moped Racer
Location: BE
05 September 2016 22:17:32  
I guess we do have the worst timing don't we ( 'w')

However, show must go on. There seems to be enough interest so let's keep going.
The Green Dude
Location: ES
06 September 2016 11:15:10  
Space station demo by simo_900
The most recent version of the TMNF TMUnlimiter has some similarities with this titlepack / MTC:cool:
Last edited by iHq/fredair.esu, 06 September 2016 16:57:05
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
06 September 2016 16:19:44  
I thought you weren't interested and said this wasn't TM in your opinion ( 'w')
The Green Dude
Location: ES
06 September 2016 22:35:54  
Really this MTC is pure BULLSHIT!

omg at least if you give such an MTC please test everything! :@

first you give us all a halfassed titlepack wich malfunctioned. then if I try to freaking update it by deleting the old one completely, put the new file in the directory, load maniaplanet it can't find the new title file....

the first version could be loaded but works only 45% ?
please test stuff properly before using it in a competition!

and where are these freaking ingame pictures from what objects are allowed from the title.
I asked it a page ago... the title is so nicely made that it shows my own files + the titlepack's custom objects all mixed through each other...
(any other title pack out there blocks my own files and only shows the files from the title)

2 gif files:
1 with gravity settings 0.2 , other gravity setting 1.0 both same physics...
steering and acceleration can be done but slower... wich is mainly just boring...
0.2 gravity
1.0 gravity
set new setting closed tm² completely restarted and took each shot..

while on the server if you take a slight downhill turn you start flying off the track..

My conclusion: Cancel the MTC, and work the title/ script out untill it is 100% ready, and not halfassed as it is right now..
to many flaws.
make a new mtc with a theme worth the time..
Last edited by FT»lolig, 06 September 2016 22:56:55
Moped Racer
Location: BE
07 September 2016 03:11:34  
It's getting late for me as of writing this post, so I'll say this tonight and try to get on those things when I can:

1. I'm not entirely sure where the problem is, however I can take a look. I can't guarantee it'll be something I can fix (as opposed to some bug in Maniaplanet itself).
2. I'll work on getting an image for the custom blocks available from the titlepack for each environment.
3. I don't think the MTC can be canceled at this point, as we do have a submission in.
4. I figured that after the July/August MTC's end, if osaka wasn't going to do a September MTC it seemed that no one would do a September MTC. So I asked if I could give it a go, and, well, maybe the choice of doing the September MTC this way wasn't the correct one in the end. But now is not the right time for such a debate.
Learner Driver
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