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[OLD] Knockout map building: KO8 & KO9
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[OLD] Knockout map building: KO8 & KO9 10 May 2017 00:58:04  

We'd like to celebrate the release of ManiaPlanet 4 by creating 2 new map pools for use in the MX Knockouts, with maps that will be played for years to come.

We want to play your maps in the KO this weekend, so we'd love to have your map submissions as soon as possible! But please don't rush. Quality over quantity!

Map submissions after this weekend are also welcome of course. For this weekend we'll be focusing on KO9.

If you'd like to know a little more about what the Knockouts are, you can read about them here.

What you need to know about the new map pools:

Pool specific rules:

KO8 - Rounds:
- Author time between 40-50 seconds
- Prefix your map as KO8, then the name (e.g. KO8 - MapName)
- No Environment mixes

KO9 - Time Attack:
- Author time under 25 seconds
- Prefix your map as KO9, then the name (e.g. KO9 - MapName)
- Environment mixes allowed (envmix maps won't be played until TM2 TP is updated)
- No multilap tracks
- No multilap starts

Rules that apply to both pools:

- Make good use of new MP4 blocks!
- Canyon, Valley, Stadium, and Lagoon tracks welcome.
- Generally quite easy and possible to finish in 1 try even if you have never played the map.
- Fully respawnable.
- No custom Titlepacks
- Block mixing is allowed, but the maps need to be clear and simple design. Avoid flickering textures, etc.
- No mods; only default signs or the MX KO SignPack can be used.
- Please don't add an editing password.
- You don't need to add a gps, since there's not enough time to watch it anyway.
- No dynamic time of day cycling (where the lighting changes as you play the map).

You can submit your map here: Knockout Upload Page (be sure to mark the map as Unreleased)
The map appears in the Knockout Uploads List and on your maps list.

We may ask you to update the map or change something so that the map works better with the KO.

Please keep in mind that KO maps are not posted publicly.

Please see this post for more info about the approval process and when you're allowed to make your map public.

We look forward to playing your maps soon! (y)
Last edited by eyebo, 03 November 2017 03:01:26
Site Leader
Location: US
10 May 2017 01:42:27  
Just a note, we already have quite a few maps that were built during beta.
As you can see, some have already been uploaded today.
Last edited by eyebo, 26 October 2017 12:13:21
Site Leader
Location: US
10 May 2017 05:02:02  
Please focus on KO9 Valley maps (if you can) for this weekend.

I don't think we'll be able to use the TM2 multi-env titlepack for this first KO. I highly doubt Nadeo will update the TM2 titlepack until Lagoon is out. And right now it doesn't seem like we can host a server in the current version.

So we'll have to pick a specific environment to host in (like the old days!). Valley is the logical choice since it has been given the biggest update.
Last edited by eyebo, 10 May 2017 05:02:16
Site Leader
Location: US
25 May 2017 11:29:19  
This weekend, May 25, 2017, the KO will be in Canyon Rounds. We'll play some new KO8 maps and later some KO1 and KO3 maps if needed to supplement the pool.

We will resume with multi-environment KOs as soon as Nadeo updates the TM2 TitlePack.

Thanks everyone for continuing to upload KO8 and KO9 maps! Right now the push is for KO9 Lagoon. Once we have 50 or so maps we can host a KO there. Right now we have about 5.

But continue to build what you like. All environments are welcome for both pools.
Last edited by eyebo, 25 May 2017 11:30:53
Site Leader
Location: US
06 June 2017 15:14:21  
I never built for nor played the KO before, so i have two questions:
  • Is it limited to specific style(s), like dirt, tech or fs, or are some excluded? Or in other words, do you accept stadium dirt maps?
  • Are embedded objects allowed?

If you take dirt maps, i could build some, also for other pools if you want to fill others too. :)
Location: AT
06 June 2017 18:56:41  
Hi bcs'JR1988,

It's not limited to a specific style, but we do want maps to be fairly easy for online so players can learn the map quickly and be able to finish without any major problems, regardless of skill level. This means CPs that can be resumed from, etc.

You can of course build Stadium Dirt. (y)

And yes, embedded objects are allowed.

We're mostly trying to fill KO8 and KO9 right now. But if you want to build a map for another pool where the map wouldn't fit KO8 or KO9, then feel free.
Site Leader
Location: US
07 June 2017 22:18:44  
Uploaded 2 KO8 maps:
"KO8 - Dirty Knickers"
"KO8 - No Skidmarks in the skids"
And 1 KO9 map:
"KO9 - Hurry up"

I hope they fit, what you are looking for. :)
I would be happy to make more, after knowing if these three suit your needs. (but no need to rush looking at them, i need to work on my MTC map anyways ;))
Location: AT
09 June 2017 01:41:26  
All three have been accepted. (y) Thanks
Site Leader
Location: US
10 June 2017 11:51:48  

3 canyons and 2 lagoons for the KO9 challenges
from me. Easy beginner stuff.
I hope you enjoy them.

Location: DE
10 June 2017 19:15:32  
More stadium dirt!
One 1min lap map for KO6:
[Bad Track/Map Link] (yes i pushed the lap time to the limit ;))
And two for KO9 (maybe you even want to use them in tonights KO ;)):
"KO9 - 25 is the limit"
"KO9 - Dirty Loop"

And a suggestion, since i got several questions why my maps can't be downloaded:
Maybe there could be an info text on top of the page, like on the not converted MP3 maps, telling people why the maps cant be downloaded?
Or even hide them from everyone other than the people who approve the KO maps?
Location: AT
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