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MX Knockouts - Weekly Podium Results
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22 March 2012 07:21:12  
Next KO: 24th Mar 2012
KO2 short tracks - Time Attack 1:40
Start Time: 10:00 GMT

A Second KO will be played 12 hours later at 22:00 GMT
Beetle Racer
24 March 2012 12:08:00  
March 24, 2012 - 10:00 GMT
We started with 24 players. We played on KO2 maps.
Marius had a disconnect in the final 6.

:gold: Cake (DriftN)
:silver: Extreme (BX3)
:bronze: Mikey (mx)

March 24, 2012 - 22:00 GMT

We started with 31 players. We played on KO2 maps.

:gold: Norman (Lik3d)
:silver: shaDow (Lik3d)
:bronze: Chuckie (Demise)
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Beetle Racer
24 March 2012 12:31:31  
If u would have been knocked out already, would you have put me in?

cause, in KO1 it's absolutely logic that a player can only be forced in warmup. If he comes later, he can't drive the track and therefore miss a complete track, that knocks him out. This is logical.
in KO2 you have no warmup. But if a player don't miss a track (so if he joins on the same map; or if he joins on the next map and already drove a time on the map before which was good enough); why not putting him in? He has less time than others; so he has already disadvantages (like someone who joins late in wu in KO1 and missed the whole wu). But if there's enough time for him to finish; it's only fair to give this player a chance. It really absolutely doesn't matter if there's a wu in KO2 or not. So long a player doesn't miss a track, he is not knocked out.

Just want to discuss this now, cause it is a bit difficult to do during the knockout
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Moped Racer
24 March 2012 14:30:56  
If is was spec/admin I would not have put you back in, as the rules currently are no forcing to play in TA
But I can see you logic and it does warrant discussion, on what can be done in TA to improve.
In todays situation your game crashed close to podium, and you returned very shortly after the next map had started.
Theoretically you could have been put back in and still have 75% of the time left to post a time.
Any rule change would have to cater for any scenario (and this is where the problem is), such as from a player returning with very little time left, or a player disconnecting mid race and returning before the end. I dont think there is a single rule that could be made in fairness and to suit all circumstances. And the other problem is the functioning and limit of the ko controller. The big issue is it only calculates KO from the starting players, if you are not a starting player (because you were forced to play mid race) you cant be ko even if you come last.
This is an open discussion for all (not just marius and myself) for suggestions for possible rules for TA disconnects
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Beetle Racer
24 March 2012 21:47:47  
I've been forcing people back in for the last few weeks, as per the logic marius said. It's only fair, even if the server controller doesn't like it.

If the person got a time on the map (and it wasn't last place time) and then they rejoined during the first part of the next map, I'll force them back in, because they wouldn't have been KO'd if they had never got DC'd.


Congrats on 3rd this morning Mikey! (y) Nice to see one us in the podium finally. :d
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Site Leader
Location: US
25 March 2012 16:22:52  
What is KO3 and K04, "just wrong named KO tracks perhaps" ?
Beetle Racer
Location: SE
25 March 2012 18:23:13  
KO3 and KO4 are new map pools being created. More info about them in the KO track building topic.
Site Leader
Location: US
26 March 2012 19:00:59  
Well, that's bad of course, that players forced in can't be knocked out.

But like eyebo said admins can force people to play or to spec.
So I would say following: If a player with a disconnect joins and doesn't miss a complete track and have the possibility to get 1 run into finish, he should be forced to play. And ofc so fast as possible for the admin. I understand that it's not easy for an admin who drives; but after he finished or crashed he could force directly.

If this player doesn't finish last, there will be no problems.
If he finishes last and someone else gets knocked out; the admin could force the knocked out driver to play and the other player who finishes last he could force to spec during podium. It's a bit work for the admin, but only in these scenarios. We all know how often TM2 crashes or freezes and it's sad if players get knocked out by this (in addition this destroyes the fun). Of course we can't force a player in, who miss a complete track (this would be unfair for the person who gets knocked out on this track; and if both will be forced to play, it makes the knockout longer); but if a player doesn't miss a track he should get a chance.

Moped Racer
27 March 2012 20:41:35  
I agree 100% and this is how I've been trying to do things. I just never articulated it here in the forum. :p

I would add that even though I drive in the KO, I will always sacrifice my own position for the good of other players. I would let myself get KO'd before letting another player unfairly be KO'd due to my inattention of putting them back in.

I watch the chat all the time, even while driving. And it's probably why I get KO'd so early usually. :cool:
Site Leader
Location: US
30 March 2012 23:30:13  
Next KO: 31st Feb 2012
KO1 - Rounds
Start Time: 10:00 GMT

A Second KO will be played 12 hours later at 22:00 GMT

A Reminder KO tracks are needed for KO3 & KO4
And United KO this weekend ! see tmx
Beetle Racer
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