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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 (3593 days ago)
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I'm too lazy to write feedback to every track I play, but if you want detailed feedback to one of your tracks specifically, just write me a PM and I'll be happy to go into detail.

I mostly build Canyon with some wider drifting parts and minor transitions or Stadium Speed-Fun (sometimes a bit of FS), but every now and then I'll end up building other styles and environments aswell. My tracks tend to focus on being easily accessible for almost all skill-levels and suitable for online play. Sometimes I just feel the urge to build something more techy or transitional, though.

Always happy to give feedback or build Duo tracks! Let me know if you'd be interested.

Discord: Racho#5863


with Alex
Stadium: "[Speedfun] Zest"

with akiliyh
Stadium: "hORIZONS "

with Chuckie
Valley: "Ragnarok"
Canyon: "Chucho"
Canyon: "The Vulture"
Canyon: "retro echo"

with eyebo
Canyon: "Operandi"

with Kousseau
Canyon: "Dhenh2"
Canyon: "Saltating Sands"

with Plaste
Canyon: "MoRV -one-"
Canyon: "Naad"

with rexine
Stadium: "Foot in the Water ft Racho"


Multiple Co-Authors

with   Quasar_TM,   eyebo.wp,   Yogosun &   eriik991



Canyon: "District 25"
Canyon: "True Intentions"

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