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Dillusional gibberish from a person who should be asleep by now
Dillusional gibberish from a person who should be... 24 Oct, 2012
  Tuta (4 comments, 955 views)  
This blog entry is nowhere near the standard of my other entries language-wise. But I felt these are thoughts that deserve a little more space than to be hidden on a snow-track from 2008 deep into the depths of tmx.

It is essentially just the train of thought reflecting the community that came up during writing what I thought would be just a normal award..

It's an award on Wallaby's New Hovering

Award Reproduced below:

"Omg I never awarded this track :(

I love you walla and I love this track (l) please accept my deepest apologies and take this beautiful shiny award cup :award: The foundation that makes TMX capitalistic.

Panis is not just a TM legend, he is the TM legend. There has never been anyone like him and you surely made an amazing tribute to his TMO work with this and your other Panis style snow tracks :)

When we go back to try the games we played in our youths, we will probably play a Panis track. I hope you can still find his - and every other TM builders - tracks in 20 or 30 years so we can relive the memories. Perhaps a bit sad, since I spent more time playing TM and socializing with TM buddies than I did being social in real life. I think it is not only for me but many others that TM actually has become not just a part of the regular time-killing activities that is computer gaming but actually can be seen as a part of our legacy. There is certainly not many games you could play that is more creatively engaging and developing for the brain than TM, perhaps we will all benefit from these "wasted" but memory-making hours in front of the computer. Everything that involves such wondrous and diverse creations as TM does must be something more than an activity to kill time.. It has helped thousands of people expressing theirselves. not because it's "cool to be an artist" but because every single track on this website represents a hand-crafted creation someone wants to show the world.

How beautiful isnt that!? :)"
4 comment(s).
 arzgaa writes ... 27, Oct, 2012  
Some brilliant words there. I'm no exception, I'm amazed by panis' tracking skills and damn, he's great.

And as a musician myself I have to agree on the point that this is the most "artistic" game I've played and that's why it just keeps me coming back to the game. Oh the diversity of this community. (l)
 banjee»UD writes ... 26, Oct, 2012  
Man, I feel nostalgic just reading this. Panis was the man. I feel like Panis invented transitions and he was one of the first to really test the limits of the editor. Man, I was young back then.... Well, I'm just gonna go take a few minute to cry in a corner and think about my life... (brb)

Words are so true Tuta. Thanks for the blog post to remind me of this. (l)
  Tuta writes ... 25, Oct, 2012  
To be honest I dont even know myself where I was going with this haha :)
 XT»Marti writes ... 24, Oct, 2012  
Thought about that as well for a time. However, I have been able to combine social contacts and tm pretty well ;) (looking at the -not so very large- amount of tracks I released in tm2 gives you a small indication of that) but I have had moments when I did feel the same. Recognise your way of thinking :)
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