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Did you know that this title line has more capacity than twitter? When I become president I will only use the MX blog.
Did you know that this title line has more capacit... 08 Apr, 2013
  Tuta (12 comments, 1376 views)  
That's silly though, we don't even have a president in Sweden.

But I still hope I can be a guiding light for those of you feeling lost in the TrackMania universe.

Besides, we have a king. Being king is way more bad ass than being president. Our king even goes to strip clubs. And the prince races sports cars. And the crown princess will one day be king. However that works.

I will continue this blog post in the spirit of my previous blog posts - advice for the lost souls of TM.

Subject 1: Cracking the code.
This might not be rocket science. But everything is not about brain power in the world. In fact, it is often quite the opposite. Cracking the code actually takes very little brain power to actually compute; the challenge is in spotting the code.

Snapshot of MX 8th of April 2013

Are you able to see the pattern?

What if I make it blatantly obvious?

This is a situation sprung from greed. Though one that can also be solved with greed. Think of this next time you convert a TMF track into the new generation: WHAT ARE YOUR REASONS, HUMAN? They are surely somewhat like this:

1. Awards
2. Awards
3. Moooore awards
4. Pretty shadows?

Nobody cares about your re-released tracks. You don't even care. Are you really so attention-hungry you need an extra bit of it from something you built years ago? OK, this is tier 1 self-taught market analytics right here. Stadium is overrepresented in quantity but has lost every single bit of glory. Why would anybody care? Every other stadium track is just an old piece of TM junk someone dug up from their old accounts instead of doing what TM is about - creating something!

So how do we solve this with greed then? This is where the genius of cracking the very easy to crack code plays a significant role. The only tracks getting awards are canyon tracks. So, go create some canyon tracks to fill your awarding needs. Let the people that actually care restore the watered down stadium reputation. Be happy with your life knowing you did good by benefiting yourself.


(Send your job offers to martin_olsson_13 at hotmail.com)
12 comment(s).
  MrA writes ... 19, Apr, 2013  
There will be new blocks in a few weeks (guessing at time period).... I predict there will be many new maps ;)

I am actually holding off doing anything much in terms of building for Stadium until then :$
 FT»Osaka writes ... 16, Apr, 2013  
But how about making actual new maps in TM2 stad? While they won't be in a new environment, they will be something never seen befGO AWARD MY TRACK GODDAMMIT.
 SPIDER writes ... 12, Apr, 2013  
haha =p
  Tuta writes ... 12, Apr, 2013  
No ofcourse you didnt :)

But no, Daniel will never be king because the king is the same as head of state = Victoria

Which indeed is odd, but it's the way it is :p

And canyon is way older than stadium so it's not so weird ^^
 SPIDER writes ... 12, Apr, 2013  
Ofc Daniel be the king when Victoria be the queen ? :$
and i didnt asume that king is highest standing (y)

Anyway back to mx =p

Canyon 262 page (<26200) tracks
Stadium 56 page (<5600) tracks
Shootmania 3698 tracks
Valley 0 tracks 8-|
  Tuta writes ... 11, Apr, 2013  
Daniel will never be king for some reason... Not very gender-neutral to just assume that king is above queen imo? I thought we had politicians that cared about equality :d
 SPIDER writes ... 11, Apr, 2013  
Haha tuta =p
viktoria be a king naa =p
she be our queen, but she will always stay ontop of her
husband "Daniel" that is our comming king becouse Victoria
is heir to the throne.

so literally she is king
 zarexz writes ... 11, Apr, 2013  
What market?
Allmost all of them complain about "paying for a game they've allready had for free for the last 7 years"
  Tuta writes ... 11, Apr, 2013  
Haha, remarkable observation zarexz :d you are provably correct. I hardly think nadeo wanted to do another stadium version but neverending begging from people hostile to change probably showed them there was a market for it :d
 zarexz writes ... 11, Apr, 2013  
But isn't that what stadium is about? Living in the past? Longing for a time that once was and will never come again?

Yes, I uploaded some of my old tracks too. Not because I wanted it (I don't even play stadium myself) but on the request of my friends. Who obviously wish for a timemachine aswell. :wait:
 XT»Marti writes ... 09, Apr, 2013  
Very nice blog post! I had pretty much the same idea when stadium2 first launched :)
 Thrawn«¦ writes ... 09, Apr, 2013  
Well noticed indeed. Especially on the few first days when Stadium came out, the side was flooded with masses of tracks, often more than 5 per author (which is spamming after the site rules :p).

Edit : No offense to anyone ;)
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