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Time passes. For everything and everyone. It is up...12 Jul, 2013
  FT»Osaka (3 comments, 1676 views) 
Today I released a track. All of this was done very close to a gargadontic post I wrote on Enai's "Canyon is dead" thread. It is also a track that is effectively a version of an older one.

On my author comments I talked about how time passes. It's basically this moment in time i...

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Wait, so people actually read these things?16 Apr, 2013
  FT»Osaka (34 comments, 2223 views) 
Wow. People actually read the user blogs. Whatever we say. I guess being featured in the showcase helps. Ok, since I started one I might as well finish it.

And I am going to write one about DEM TREEZ THO. Seriously. I hate them. And don't come around saying that I used them on Bobbin' n' Weavin'. I didn't like them then, but it was a quick way to close a track I didn't want to take much time working on. Also, since my track didn't blow itself up, I thought ...

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