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TM Interview Project - shock!
TM Interview Project - shock! 16 Dec, 2012
 wormi (7 comments, 1645 views)  

Today we have a driver and mapper from Germany. He may not be that famous, but he has a lot to tell! You can find more infomation about the project here. Enjoy!


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?
Yes. My real name is Marcel Sonnenwald. I am 18 years old and I come from Timmendorfer Strand in Germany. My mother and his friend are living with me near the beach. Great to life here outside the tourist season, hehe. Over the week I work as a chemist. The job is very interesting and exciting. But sometimes it can be also boring.
Outside the work I play chess. You need much concentration and tactic to win. If I don’t have time to play with my friends, I play chess at my computer, although it is very easy to win against the pc-opponent. But I also like to be outside of my room. Sometimes I run 5 kilometres at the evening to breathe the fresh air and to feel nature around me. And if I don’t have lust to do sport or chess, I draw some cartoons. A very funny hobby I do since 2 years. And my pictures are getting better and better everyday. But the most important hobby for me is Trackmania. Since I am in a forum I spend much time with this game.

2. How did you find TrackMania? When it happened?
Funny question. I found the game 4 years ago in our pc room at school. Every time we had to investigate something for our presentations, we had to go in this room. And when we finished our researches, we played Trackmania in the local network. After some days I got a pc and started with Trackmania Nations Forever.

3. What are you favorite environments to play and why?
My favourite environments are stadium and rallye. Stadium has many styles like tech, fullspeed or dirt. I really love this big variety. And you have to have much skill and technique to become one of the best. That is good for a high-flying guy like me. Besides I can combine my creativity with my skill. There are so many tricks you can learn. So you can improve your skill every day and the learning never ends. The environment will never become boring I think.
And now to rally. I drive the environment since one year. Although I didn’t enjoyed it from the start, because I played with keyboard. And you know the handling with keyboard. You can’t drive without making skid marks. But now I drive with an X-Box Controller 360 and I have discovered the situations, where you have to decide, when you want to turn in. That is a great feeling. And don’t forget the scenery in rally. So wonderful in my opinion.

4. And what are your favourite environments to build?
Well, there are no special environments. Every environment has a big variety of blocks you can use. It is more a question of lust, feeling and inspiration. When I have an idea, for example a combination of two blocks, I search after the right environment to start with building. So I prefer the environments, where I have the most ideas for building.
Often I have ideas, which match really good to "Island". It has the best scenery and difficulty to build a good track. So finally I decide "Island" as the best environment for me to build.

5. You have driven also quite a lot Nadeo maps with such a good result. Why do you like hunting Nadeos?
Yeaaah! An easy question for me. I started with the Nadeo maps and played them over years. They are very individual and it doesn’t matter how old a Nadeo map is. There are ever new short cuts, tricks or even stunts you can use to improve your time. These tracks are perfect for hunters like me. You can’t copy the mapping style of Nadeo. This art of mapping is inimitable. But in the moment I stopped playing Nadeo maps. There are too many new tricks, which I can’t follow anymore.

6. Do you have any kind of role models in Trackmania?
I am very good driver. So I don’t need having a driver idol. But I look up to some players, who have such an amazing skill. For example, Tona, BlackCat, Karjen or Marvin. And for sure I have some mapper idols. Mappers, who build so hard and fresh tracks are like gods for me. Guys like Jonathan~, Dodo or Bitzer build tracks I ever like to play.

7. Nadeo has told that TM2 will have two new environments at the beginning of 2013, valley and stadium. What do you wait from valley?
Good that I watched the trailer of "Valley". It looks really beautiful and natural. So fresh, but also very speedy and full of fun. I am very happy that Nadeo will not loose his style. That would be a nightmare for me. So hope "Vally" is a very individual environment with much alternation. But when I watch the trailer, the fear in me will end in smoke.

8. Do you think that adding stadium to Maniaplanet will united the community or divide it even more?
I think it will divide the community a little bit. Not very much, because we all know stadium and this idea from Nadeo will be a short fun I think. So don’t be afraid. The most people will stay at United Forever, Nations Forever and Canyon. I am very sure about that. We are a big community. Some of us play United Forever and some of us plays Canyon and so forth. Every new Trackmania game will unite the community more and more. We get new players, friends and rivals. As long as Trackmania makes fun, everything is ok.

9. Have you ever driven leagues in Trackmania?
I only participated at one tournament with my clan "ntx". We gave our best last year at the NSC (Nadeo Stadium Cup). But our result wasn’t that good. Everytime we had luck. In one match even one player lost his connection to the server. But maybe I can find a better team in the future to participate at bigger events. I am good enough. So why not?

10. Gogo! Next, what is your favorite track ever?
Before I write too much, because I like many tracks, I come to the point. There are two track I will never forget. At first we have "The Last Fight" by Mr.DVD and Hello Kitty. It was an amazing duo work. The track looks simple, but the used so many different stadium blocks. You have to use your full experience and concretion to get a good time here. The second track is "[MTC] Into the forest" by Red Shreder. The track has great scenery, although he only was allowed to use trees as decoration in the MTC theme. And his track has much alternation. Some parts are slower and some are more speedy. The change from slow to speedy and from speedy to slow was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in rally.

11. Your top 3 websites, games, songs & movies.
1. Youtube
3. united.tm-exchange
1. Trackmania United Forever
2. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
3. SSX on Tour
1. Pirates for the Carribean 4 - On Stranger Tides
2. Don`t mess with the Zohan
3. Percey Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning Thief

12. What do you think about making custom blocks in TM2? Will they make maps more interesting or may they ruin the game by being too weird or ugly?
I have nothing against new block in TM². And I don’t think the will be very buggy. The guys how make those custom blocks are experts. They will test them enough. So a bigger variety of blocks would be great.

13. You are at an empty island. You can choose one celeb to live there with you. Who would it be?
I would take Jessica Alba to this island. She is my favourite actress and the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I don’t think that I have to explain more haha.

14. I think I know what you mean. Now, describe yourself with four words.
Creative, fair, relaxed, clumsy.

15. Teach me, how to drive rally? Is it better to brake and accelerate again or just let the car roll?
That is a good question. Everytime I have a little bit too much speed for a turn I let my car roll. And when I have way too much speed for a turn I break and accelerate. That is a simple rule you can learn. And in a curve it is the same. I know it looks complicated when we rally drivers get a good time. But it is very easy to understand. And a last tip. Ever think about the next curve. Do you need much speed after the curve, because the next part is without big turning in. Or do you need low speed after curve, because the curve is very close. That has much to do with letting the car roll or break and accelerate.

16. If you have something else to say, please write it here.
I hope you learned some interesting things from me. And have fun with your next interview!

I will. Thanks to your for answering! See ya next time! I don’t know when, but maybe one day! :)

Btw, the next blog post is the 300th :d
7 comment(s).
 nibor writes ... 13, Jan, 2013  
:d Shock, very interesting. Cool interview (y)
 shock t3 writes ... 18, Dec, 2012  
Ouh yes. You are right riolu :| "her" friend sounds better :p
 riolu! writes ... 17, Dec, 2012  
Great interview, fun to read! (y)
btw, it says "my mother and his friend". dafuq? :p
 XT»Marti writes ... 17, Dec, 2012  
Nice reading, as always ;)
 Red Shreder writes ... 17, Dec, 2012  
My rally map ! :o

Nice interview btw :)
 ymce writes ... 16, Dec, 2012  
Great Interview Shock !
 Mr.DVD writes ... 16, Dec, 2012  
Nice Interview (y)
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