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Shorties Cup! A weekly Short Maps KO!
Shorties Cup! A weekly Short Maps KO!09 Jul, 2015
  SYNERGY.aerosol! (4 comments, 1610 views)  
Hello everyone!
I am proud to announce a Competition with cooperation of revenge, insects and speed!
It will be a KO Competition on Short (25-35 seconds) Style-Mixed maps

Map will be out soon! :)

  • 4 Races, Top 10 of every race will qualify to the final
  • last player will be knocked out, or the players who don't finish are out
  • Many maps are for train on the server (search for Shorties Cup -Official in Latvia)
  • Donators for prizes are very welcome :)
  • Dates:
    1st Quali: Sunday, 23th August 15:00 CEST
    2nd quali: Sunday 30rd August 15:00 CEST
    3rd quali: Sunday 11th October 15:00 CEST
    4th quali: Sunday 1st November 15:00 CEST
    Final: Sunday 8th November 15:00 CEST

  • after one round the map will change
  • after the first player finished, the others have 6 seconds to finish until their time runs out
  • a warmup is driven always when map has changed
  • if you qualified to the final already, you can play again and if u catch another top 10 position, then there are less finalists (a tactic to eliminate players)
  • there are 2 knockouts per round until 35 players, then 1 knockout. Or if there are more NoFins, they all will be knocked out
  • if you get a disconnect in the top 20 (top 40 in final) you have 4 minutes to rejoin when the race will be paused. This rule is only for drivers, who havent failed in that round so far, or are last (if you get a disconnect in the first 5 seconds you are allowed to rejoin even if you are last)
  • cuts are allowed but if a cut is found it will be fixed
  • The server will get a password when thefirst round starts, so no new driver can join or eliminated drivers can rejoin. Joining as spectator is always possible. If you got a disconnect, you have to join as spectator and you will get the password with a pm in the chat. If you give that password to any other for let them join, you are disqualified from the round of that day. Streamers should close the stream for a short, if they get the password.
  • no registration is needed to participate, simply join the server.
  • the maps will be released a week before the first race.
  • critism is always welcome, but make sure to dont be offensive against the maps, authors, other players, ...
  • Players who break this rule 3 times will be completely disqualified from the event.
  • horns are disabled during the race.
  • if less than 15 players want to start, the race will be hold on another day
  • The server will be on Time Attack, except on the matchday

    :gold: 1st) 7500 Planets + Winner Video
    :silver: 2nd) 3500 Planets +
    :bronze: 3rd) 1500 Planets +
    4th) 500 Planets +
    5th) 500 Planets +
    6th) 250 Planets +
    7th) 250 Planets +
    8th) 250 Planets +
    9th) 250 Planets +
    10th) 250 Planets +

    Additionally, every finalist will get an certificate, extra made for this cup :) It will be send per mail to you, or skype or whatever...

    Finalists of first qualification:
    fD' optimus,
    Speed| aerosol,
    asylum insane,
    asylum damon,
    asylum skippy

    finalists of 2nd qualiifcation
    insects shibala

    finalists of the 3rd qualification
    S7>> Clearvision
  • Comments
    4 comment(s).
      Knight Jr. writes ... 23, Aug, 2015  
    came 2nd in quili nice

      SYNERGY.aerosol! writes ... 10, Jul, 2015  
    Nope :d
    I need maps and time first
      Clearvision writes ... 10, Jul, 2015  
    Sounds cool, i would recomend to have it on saturday or sunday next week!
      Lucario/ writes ... 09, Jul, 2015  
    I'm in! :DD
    -NadeOn a.k.a. Hex4gon_
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