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 May 2017 - News Wrap-up
by  eyebo at 29 May, 2017  
It's been a busy month!

Lagoon is out!!! :o
You can upload your Lagoon maps here on ManiaExchange now! (l)

See the trailer, or get Lagoon now!

Need help getting Lagoon? ManiaPlanet forums is where to direct your support requests.

If you were in the beta, and got Lagoon before May 29, you'll have it free until ManiaPlanet 5 (Source).
fredair says:
90MC is not dead
The next edition will be hosted this Wednesday, 24th of May, 20.00 CEST
We hope to see you!

For more info, check the 90MC topic

If you haven't seen the official trailer yet, check it out!

ManiaExchange is even shown!

Still discovering all the goodies in the update?
Watch this unofficial trailer by Ze-Rax and you might spot a few things you've missed.

The first MX Knockouts in ManiaPlanet 4 will be held later today.

When: May 13, 2017 at 11:30 CEST & 21:30 CEST
Where: MX Knockout Valley (Join!).
Gamemode: Time Attack

We'll be playing the brand new KO9 pool of maps. There are 24 Valley maps using new blocks, thanks to everyone who took the time to build and submit maps! The pool of maps has been supplemented with some old school KO2 maps.

And of course, don't miss SmurfsCup Canyon at 20:00 CEST !
Update: Smurfscup is located here: Join!
Now that ManiaPlanet 4 is out, we've opened up two new map pools.
We hope you'll build some maps using the new blocks!

See this post for more info.
Today Nadeo rolled out ManiaPlanet 4 to the public! (y)
All maps built prior to the release of ManiaPlanet 4 should be updated.

Read our full post about it here.
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