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DBS Contest - Prizes: 16 TM²Valley Keys!
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DBS Contest - Prizes: 16 TM²Valley Keys! 2013-06-27 07:49:37  


There are three contests here. Players are welcome to participate in each one, or choose to participate in just one or two. There is something for everyone, even TMUF players!

There are 16 TM²Valley keys to be won.
The keys will be sent to the winners sometime after full game keys become available.


Deadline: July 19, 2013 @ 20:00 GMT
10 drivers will win TM²Valley keys in this portion of the contest.

- Cuts are not allowed. Cut replays will be disqualified.

- Replays uploaded before June 27, 2013 are already disqualified.

-UPDATED RULE: Autosave replays are accepted for all tracks. Make sure you upload the replay to MX/TMX for it to count.

- Drivers are allowed to win no more than one TM²Valley key each in the driving portion of the contest.

- If a driver takes 1st on more than one track, the driver in the next position will win the key. It will be the driver with the least time between himself and 1st place.

The Tracks:
TM²Stadium - Tech - " Masters 2013 - BlueBaguette by   »RtA« wally (old recs)
TM²Stadium - Fullspeed - "Flatline by   winter (old recs)

TM²Canyon - Tech - "Serpent by   Phil (old recs)
TM²Canyon - Speedtech - "FunFiction by   s'habba.hu (old recs)

TMUF Island - Levels (MTC) by Taka»LT (old recs)
TMUF Bay - Paradoxe by Didyz (old recs)
TMUF Coast - GP - San Batur by Nillstorn (old recs)
TMUF Snow - ~Don´t Lucky Be Skilled~ by Skilla»LT (old recs)
TMUF Rally - KolëshTroll by Hebus (old recs)
TMUF Desert - Meatballs MTC by FT»tuutti (old recs)


Deadline: July 14, 2013 @ 20:00 GMT
The top 3 tracks will win TM²Valley keys in this portion of the contest.

Theme: Diversity
The idea is quite simple. Try not to repeat the same ideas anywhere in the track. This includes the driving route and the scenery. Other than that, you're free to build whatever style you like.

- Tracks from TM²Stadium and TM²Canyon are allowed. TMUF/TMNF tracks are also allowed!

- Minimum AT of 45 seconds. Maximum AT of 2 minutes.

- EnvMix is not allowed.

- Blockmixing (the use of 3rd party tools to mix) is not allowed.

- Editor bugs are allowed (using a bug in the editor to remove a clip, etc.).

- The track must have been uploaded on or after June 27, 2013 and before July 15, 2013.

- You are allowed to submit one track.

- Please use the DBS tag somewhere in your track name.

Judging will be done by a panel of three judges. They will each rank the submissions based on their personal taste. All three judges are track builders with experience in TMUF and TM2 track building.

The top 3 tracks will win keys.


Deadline: July 14, 2013 @ 20:00 GMT
3 Screenshots will win TM²Valley keys in this portion of the contest.

Theme: Motion
Something in the screenshot should be in motion, or give the feeling of motion. Use your imagination.

- You may submit only one screenshot.

- You can make changes to your screenshot until the deadline. Only your newest screenshot will be counted.

- You are not allowed to modify other people's screenshots for submission to the contest.

- You may use TM²S, TM²C, TMUF/TMNF, or ShootMania for your screenshot, or any combination of them.

- The resolution should be 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2560x1440, or 2560x1600. All other resolutions will be disqualified.

- The screenshot must not have been posted publicly before June 27, 2013. If it is found that the screenshot has been posted publicly before that date, it will be disqualified.

Judging will be done by a panel of three judges. They will each rank the submissions based on their personal taste. Two of the judges are often used by track makers to make screenshots and have experience in this area. The other judge is an accomplished video maker who has himself won contests for his visual imagery in TrackMania.

The top 3 submissions will win keys.


Judges are allowed to participate in the driving contest, but not the building contest or screenshot contest.

Screenshot and track submissions should be posted to this topic. Please post screenshots as links rather than using img tags. This will make the page load faster for those with slower connections. Thanks.

I hope there are many participants and everyone has a great time! :d Spread the word and let your friends know about the contest (just no spamming please). (y) Any questions? Ask below!
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2013-06-27 08:24:11  
Desert - DBS - Rivers by dokydom
Desert - DBS-Summer Left The Game by kripke

Rally - DBS - Aywantvallaykeï by Fadden-RogeR

Snow - (DBS) Snowmotion by Darki
Snow - DBS - Kalimero by sylvaer
Snow - dbs - Transhitional by nod32

Island - Sidewinder (DBS) by FunTrackers
Island - (DBS) Feel Mag!c by FT|Joyeux

Bay - DBS | Lunacy by Marius89

Canyon - "DBS - Porix's Lee Sin by   Superal.nc
Canyon - "Burning Tires (DBS) by   toffe
Canyon - "DBS - Heroicis Nomen by   Cxom
Canyon - "DBS - Rivendale by   hypnosmurf
Canyon - "Transitionable (DBS) by   mgafMUAT
Canyon - [Bad Track/Map Link]
Canyon - "DBS - A Bit Carried Away by   stephen_yen
Canyon - "(DBS) Heaven Ain't Close by   XT kruemelyeti

Stadium - "DBS - starlines by   Reahx
Stadium - "dbs»Flowing Smoothly² by   FT»Osaka
Stadium - "DBS - Things To Come by   nevermind.wp
Stadium - "DBS - Magic Waves² by   unholy79
Stadium - "Journeyman (DBS) by   basbaas»LT

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2013-06-27 08:24:20  

Below is the results for all three contests. They were originally posted on the later pages of this topic, but I'm copying them to this third post for more convenient access.


eyebo says:
As per the rules, drivers were only allowed to win one key for the driving portion of the contest.

If a driver were to take 1st place on two maps, then the 2nd Valley key would go to the driver in 2nd place on the track where the driver had the closest time to 1st place.

Well it happened. oNio took 1st on two maps. sandder was 0.054 behind oNio on BlueBaguette, and pacman08 was 0.077 behind oNio on Serpent.

So, the 2nd Valley key goes to sandder who was the closest to oNio's time.

Here's the full list of winners:

Track: "Serpent by   Phil (Canyon)
Winner: oNio (55.855)

Track: " Masters 2013 - BlueBaguette by   »RtA« wally (Stadium)
Fastest time: oNio (58.583)
Winner of the key: sandder (58.637)

Track: "Flatline by   winter (Stadium)
Winner: AR »Shadow (42.898)

Track: "FunFiction by   s'habba.hu (Canyon)
Winner: Marius89 (48.846)

Track: Levels by Taka (Island)
Winner: Lucario (39.50)

Track: Paradoxe by DidyZ (Bay)
Winner: sek`Zaitsev (48.61)

Track: GP - San Batur by Nillstorn (Coast)
Winner: FT»Tobbe (3:00.97)

Track: ~Don't Lucky Be Skilled~ by Skilla»LT (Snow)
Winner: dawid (46.07)

Track: KolëshTroll by Hebus (Rally)
Winner: [CMC]Figos (1:06.21)

Track: Meatballs MTC by FT»tuutti
Winner: kripke (47.85)

Congrats to everyone who won a key in the driving contest! Some phenomenal driving!
The Valley keys for this portion of the contest have all been sent.

Stay tuned for the results of the building contest and screenshot contest. (y)


eyebo says:
The screenshot contest results are in!!! Congrats to the FOUR winners! :o

The winners of Valley keys:

:gold: Tuta


:silver: Chachoux


:bronze: Canonier


:bronze: juztian

Below are the full results with scoring from each of the judges:

I didn't plan for the contingency that there could be a tie in the podium. But since there is a tie, I've decided to give them both keys.

Results for the building contest will be out soon. (y)


eyebo says:
More ties! This time a tie for 2nd place. According to the rules, I said I would give keys for the top 3 tracks, so I would not need to do more than the top 3. However, because of the tie, I've decided to extend the winners list to include the 4th place as well.

The winners of the track contest are:

:gold: First Place

:silver: Second Place

:silver: Second Place

Fourth Place
"Sidewinder by FunTrackers"

The full results:

I'll send the keys out immediately. Thanks everyone for participating and thanks especially to the other judges for taking their time to evaluate the tracks and screenshots!
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2013-06-27 08:48:14  
Prizes worth 400 euros! :d

eyebo is the bestest guy ever :d
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Location: SE
2013-06-27 10:29:01  
eyebo ftw <3
and it's 320$ actually :p
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Zimmer Racer
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2013-06-27 12:44:18  
Cool, I'll give it a shot!
Learner Driver
2013-06-27 12:58:54  
Nice Contest (l) Thx Eyebo (y)
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
2013-06-27 13:00:54  
Sounds amazing! :o
gado is a
Location: DE
2013-06-27 13:21:54  
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Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
2013-06-27 13:42:21  
Awesome compo! <3

I do have a question;
Can I ask for an angle shot? - I will make an in-game angle but my quality is not the best, and I don't know how to make spinning wheels.
G-kart Racer
Location: RS
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