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Public Changelog
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Public Changelog 2011-09-14 09:41:37  
This is the official public changelog for ManiaExchange.

14/9/2011 - Track and API changes.
  • Mod name now stored.
  • Lightmap values stored (GBX value-specific).
  • Lap count stored (laps > 0 = lap track automatically). An icon () is displayed under the 'etc' column.
  • Internal values are now ignored. Their names are now correctly shown.
  • Price is now DisplayCost.
  • Mod name is now returned.
  • Lap count is now returned.
- Tracks that return an exe build of 'Unknown' haven't been updated (optional) or they were uploaded prior to this update.
- RoutesName (API) has been renamed to RouteName (-s).
- Not all real names of the internal valyes are returned yet.
- Ignore LengthName until the length values are stored.
- The author login will not be stored (at least for the time being). I've opted out of this.
- Mod name and lap count will be displayed in the next update.
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2011-09-17 08:21:31  
17/9/2011 - Track changes and new functionality.
  • Ability to copy track ID's to your clipboard.
  • Mod name now shown on track page.
  • Lap count now shown on track page.
Deep fried
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2011-09-19 10:19:23  
19/9/2011 - Track search update, track page updates and API changes.
  • Style filter present in advanced track search. Currently does nothing.
  • Dedimania records window present on track page.
  • Changed *.Challenge.Gbx to *.Map.Gbx.
  • UpdatedAt (also called 'version') is now returned by the track API.
  • Username now shown in the filter text when browsing a users' tracks or your own.
Deep fried
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2011-09-22 11:44:49  
22/9/2011 - Track search changes.
  • Added a new mode for searching tracks you have downloaded. [1]
  • Ability to be given a random track. [2]

[1] Menu > Account > My Downloads.
[2] Menu > Find Tracks > Random.
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Deep fried
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2011-09-23 12:46:08  
23/9/2011 - User changes and other fixes.
  • Checks added when changing your display name.
  • Fixed a bug when submitting forms. Does not work in IE or Chrome yet.
Deep fried
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2011-09-25 07:20:16  
25/9/2011 - Fixes.
  • Fixed a bug associated with updating your account information.
Deep fried
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2011-09-26 08:34:19  
26/9/2011 - Fixes.
  • Fixed a bug associated with updating your account information.
Deep fried
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2011-09-27 10:54:56  
27/9/2011 - Search changes.
  • Ability to browse tracks a user has awarded.
  • Relevant links to awards given now shown on the profile page.
Deep fried
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2011-10-01 11:27:32  
01/10/11 - First update of the month! Menu changes and new download features.
  • A proper link to Nadeo's tracks is now present under the 'Find Tracks' tab.
  • A simpler method for downloading a playing tracks has been introduced. Right next to the 'Download' link is a new link called 'Install & Play'.
Deep fried
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2011-10-05 11:39:05  
5/10/11 - Bug fixes, new features.
  • Fixed a bug when returning track information by track UID.
  • Patched a few IO operations which caused minor memory leaks.
  • Added World Ranking records to track pages.

I have slightly tweaked a few internal IO operations related to uploading. If you encounter problems, please report it in the bug forum.
Deep fried
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