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Public Changelog
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7/10/2011 - Online record fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where records would not display for some tracks.
  • Fixed a bug where more than 10 online records were shown.
  • Removed colour code formatting of player nicknames.
  • Updated the about MX page.
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15/10/11 - Changes and fixes.
  • Thread page titles now include the page you're on.
  • Quotes are now displayed in a more elegant box (no unappealing grey border).
  • Fixed a bug when quoting someone with a space in their name incorrectly formatted the quote box.
  • Proper page titles and locations when viewing blogs and blog posts.
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19/10/11 - Dedimania!
  • In addition to Mania Records, you can now toggle between Mania Records and Dedimania.
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25/10/11 - ManiaHome, experiments.
  • ManiaHome! When you upload a track, your buddies are automaticaly notified of a recent upload.
  • Experimental JS for the ManiaExchange JS framework.

Can I turn ManiaHome notifications off?
At the moment: no. You will soon be given access to the privacy settings which will control how Mania Exchange interacts with ManiaHome.

I don't care. STOP THEM!?
Configure ManiaHome to block notifications from Mania Exchange (tracks).

They're not working!?
http://maniahome.maniaplanet.com/bookmarks/add/?url=tracks&name=$FFFMania$09FExchange" target="_blank">Click me! ;) (Bookmark the Mania Exchange manialink).

The ManiaExchange JS framework is extremely experimental and is probably buggy. Create a new bug report if you encounter a problem.
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12/11/2011 - Replay upload and new LB.
  • You can now upload replays.
  • New leaderboard.
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13/11/2011 - UI fixes, new search features.
  • Corrected table column widths to avoid line breaks
  • Your replay on a track is now highlighted in bold.
  • View tracks a user has uploaded replays on.
  • Search for tracks with highest/lowest track value.
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14/11/2011 - Replay upload fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with qualifying replays.
  • Case-invariant support for files with a lower .Gbx extension, specifically autosaves.
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15/11/2011 - Record list fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed invalid/old replays first
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18/11/2011 - Forum Modifications, replay fixes.
  • Created own forum for Monthly Track Contest
  • Removed Tutorials forum (moved threads elsewhere).
  • Fixed a bug where qualifying replays could not be submitted.
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20/11/2011 - New features
  • List of active/online users.
  • Forum statistics.

Menu > Users > Online
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