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Public Changelog
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2020-06-03 21:42:23  
MX June 2020 Update:


# New Recordsearch
* search for records on MX independent of track or type
* use filters and orders just as you are used to
# User preferences (the cogwheel on top)
* Modify your frontpage boxes (MX Supporter feature)
* Change the view mode to list or back to tiles
* Decide the amount of tracks or mappacks you want to see on the FP
* Select a featured track to be shown in supporter box and profile page
# New Track Features / Showcases
* MX Crew will add HQ maps to be showcased weekly
# ItemExchange integration
* Uploading a track will link its items and blocks to ItemExchange and vice versa
# Implementation of new MP# parser by   Solux
* More reliable object parsing
# New Supporter features
* Modify frontpage the way you like it
* See how many users "playlater'd" your track
# Mappacks
* improved mappack browsing
* smaller fixes
# Others
* Profile: New featured Track box!
* New Top menu sorting


* Mappack sorting
* missing trackinfo on the frontpage
* Visitor favorited you!
* User Tooltips: Fixed the labels causing the tooltip to hide after hovering over said label by accident
* Track Upload: Titlepacks should parse as before again (without everything after the @)
* Track Search: Maps using custom titlepacks from the last 4 days should be searchable again through the TP filter
* Track Details Edit: "Hide Track" checkbox now works as expected when editing a track
* Profile -> Mappacks -> Manage: Mappacks should be back for you.
* Forum Search: Nightmode fix
* Top Menu: Leaderboards are back (under Records)
* Tracks: Style fix for feature comment
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MX Fixes: 14th of June 2020 2020-06-14 18:20:22  

# Track upload
* Uploading a track that already exists now returns you the TrackID of the existing one
* Removed the ability to upload TM3 tracks to TM2 and vice versa
* Fixed TMOne tracks being assigned the formerly secret environment "Combined"
* No more notifications to yourself after updating maps in your own mappack
# Text editors (comments, author comments)
* Fixed editor previews - you see what you get
# Frontpage
* Now showing 8 featured tracks (except if you're a supporter)
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2021-06-28 14:31:11  
MX Forums update
- Merged: MTC, 90MC, MXKO into "MX Events"
- Merged: Blocks & Items, Sign Packs, Mods, Tools & Tutorials into "Resources"
- Merged: Competitions, Community Projects into "Projects & Competitions"
- Removed: Your Media. Posts mostly moved to General forum.
- Feedback renamed to "Site Feedback"
- Deployed, Closed, Advent Calendar 2014 forums made public again
- Off Topic Pit of Oblivion forum locked and archived
- Most forums reorganized into different categories.

In the future, most changelog updates will be posted over on the TMX site:
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