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Public Changelog
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2013-11-03 00:49:09  
3/11/2013 - Things
  • Removed firefox-only prefix for some gradients, they're visible in IE and Chrome now as well.
  • The exact author time is now shown on trackpages (hovering it shows gold/silver/bronze times).
  • ...
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2013-11-03 19:46:56  
3/11/2013 - Performance
  • Site performance improved.
  • Changed the code tag its style.
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2013-11-18 19:29:59  
18/11/2013 - Classic Leaderboards
  • Classic leaderboards are now available.
  • Classic maps have an "imaginary" track value of 1000 points. The person who's ranked first on that map gets 100% of those points, the next person gets 90% of the percentage of the total points (1000) the first person got. (graph)
  • For now, classic maps are manually picked.
  • Your classic leaderboards score is simply the total collected points in all classic maps summed.
  • Top 10 leaderboards are now Top 25 leaderboards.
  • The Cumulative leaderboard includes classic leaderboard scores. The top 25 leaderboards do not.
  • The top 25 leaderboards no longer count replays set on Nadeo maps.
  • Profiles now display the users position in every leaderboard.
  • ...
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2014-01-12 22:01:19  
02/01/2014 - Fixed blogs index
  • Fixed the error at the blogs index.

09/01/2014 - API / Mapsearch (Mainly applies to the API)
  • It is now possible to separate some string values by a comma to select multiple at the same time (e.g. requesting both EliteArena and JoustArena maps in Shootmania by requesting EliteArena,JoustArena through the API).

09/01/2014 - Map groups
  • Improved map groups.

11/01/2014 - API
  • 'Fixed' the ability to request map data by both uids and mx ids combined in the API while searching for maps.

12/01/2014 - Stuff
  • Added a toggle for map thumbnail and custom screenshot on map pages.
  • Duo account members are now displayed on track pages and on the duo account its profile page.
  • API: Raised limit of selecting maps based on uid/mxid to 50 from 10.
  • API: Selecting maps based on uid/mxid can now be done through the querystring /tm/maps?ids=... besdies /tm/maps/... due to path limits.
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2014-01-19 18:52:34  
19/01/2014 - Tracksearch '2.1' ( http://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracksearch2 )
  • The tracksearch has undergone a complete overhaul, both functionally and its looks.
  • Searching is now done using filters displayed above the search results. Frequently used filters are always displayed, while less used filters are hidden under the More filters button.
  • Ordering can be done more easily by pressing the sort icons next to column headers.
  • You can now save a default search and save separate searches under the heart button for quick access.
  • Changed pager looks.
  • The old search is still accessible at http://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracksearch .

You may need to force a full refresh (Ctrl+F5) to see the style changes correctly.
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2014-01-20 14:21:12  
20/01/2014 - Bugfix
  • Using multiple equal links without [url] now formats properly.
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2014-02-10 16:30:40  
20/01/2014 - Bugfix
  • Fixed a few small things in the new tracksearch.

20/01/2014 - Tracksearch changes
  • Changed default visible filters to track name, author and environments.

25/01/2014 - Tracksearch additions
  • Added viewmode selector.
  • Fixed tracksearch being overlaid over the dropdown menus.

26/01/2014 - Tracksearch changes
  • Changed some sorting behaviour.
  • Added some more detail icons in the Statistics view.
  • Ordering on trackvalue now places classic maps on top.
  • Added some more detail icons in the Statistics view.

02/02/2014 - Stuff
  • (Temporarily?) disabled ads.
  • Added some more detail icons in the Statistics view.
  • Workaround for replay files with malformed xml so they can be uploaded now.

09/02/2014 - API/Fixes/Tracksearch/...
  • Original (color-coded) map names are now stored and accessible though the api (GbxMapName field).
  • Fixed unicode handling when uploading maps.
  • Added minimum author comment length and has custom screenshot filters to the new tracksearch.
  • Tracksearch now displays the amount of results.
  • You can now select a random result out of your current tracksearch results.
  • Removed 'Maniacode completed' message for install & play and install & view.
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2014-03-20 17:12:23  
Updates of previous month, may have not listed something :p.

16/02/2014 - Links
  • Changed many links to tracksearch2.

20/02/2014 - MX Videos feed
  • Added MX Youtube Videos feed to the frontpage.

07/03/2014 - Online Ratings
  • Added online ratings on trackpages.
  • Added sorting on online ratings on tracksearch.

08/03/2014 - Online Ratings
  • PPO Valley and Stadium now support ratings.

08/03/2014 - Moved CSS
  • Moved inline CSS to the stylesheet file.

09/03/2014 - Online Ratings
  • Added online ratings on trackpages.
  • Added sorting on online ratings on tracksearch.

10/03/2014 - Fixes
  • Fixed nadeo-colors stripping regex to be lazy/non-greedy to not strip too much of links etc.
  • Track/Map thumbnails are now reset when a map is updated.

11/03/2014 - Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the tracksearch would cache some data for IE users (stop using IE by now please).

16/02/2014 - Links & PPO
  • Changed many links to tracksearch2.
  • If there are players playing on PPO a badge will indicate how many in the menu now.

18/02/2014 - CSS
  • Automatic update of stylesheets whenever the stylesheet is updated now.
  • Changed some styles.

19/02/2014 - PPO
  • Fixed commands such as /mx loading up the next map instead of the current (last) map.
  • Canyon PPO supports ratings now.
  • Workaround for a bug where players would not get unloaded properly.

19/02/2014 - Notifications
  • Updated notification styling; no longer using an iframe.
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2014-03-22 23:10:39  
22/03/2014 - Notifications
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2014-04-30 17:45:38  
01/04/2014 - Fix
  • Fixed display issue of tracks on the frontpage.

12/04/2014 - Vehicle detection
  • Added automatic vehicle detection for native environmentmixing.

22/04/2014 - Updated form styles
  • Updated edit track details form style.

23/04/2014 - Fix
  • Fixed a style issue on firefox.

24/04/2014 - Updated form styles
  • New button styling.
  • Updated styles at forums.

26/04/2014 - Updated form styles
  • Reduced non-primary icon styles.

26/04/2014 - Fix
  • Fixed a display issue with dedimania nick/servernames.

26/04/2014 - Updated form styles
  • Updated personal message styles.
  • Updated login form styles.

29/04/2014 - MP3 release
  • Raised minimum map file size to 2 MB.
  • Added parameter minexebuild to tracksearch2 (server controllers can then filter outdated maps)
  • Unlocked and unhid all hidden beta maps.

30/04/2014 - Fix
  • Fixed an issue where updating track details would reset the vehicle.

30/04/2014 - Vehicle search filters
  • You can now filter on vehicle in /tracksearch.
  • You can now filter on envimixed maps in /tracksearch.
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