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Public Changelog
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23/10/2017 - Tiny changes
  • Track Pages: Dedimania link now points to the list of records on the spefic track instead of the main page.
  • Front Page: Improved column spacing.
You might have to do a hard reload of the webpage to experience these changes. Press 'Control + Shif t +R' or 'Control + F5' to do a hard reload.
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24th of January, 2019 - January Updates
  • TMU Car support for search and upload (Playermodel parser update)
  • Bugfix: Thumbnails in search
  • Bugfix: Custom Car search
  • Addition: Vehicle Search now always shown next to environment
  • Addition: Hovering over Vehicle: "Custom" does now tell you the custom vehicle's name.
  • Bugfix: Date of reply is not anymore the date of the original comment
  • Other: Now 3 comment replies are shown by default
  • Other: Minor style adjustments to trackpage
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One more little update (you might've gotten here through your notifications):

- Forum Notifications for when a user posts in the same thread as you.

Work in Progress:
- Disable and Enable notifications per thread.
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26th of January, 2019

  • Youtube Embed is now working again after 7 years.
  • Added Author Description Preview when in Map uploader.
  • You can now download your own, hidden maps (e.g. from inside the KO mapgroup)
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27th of January, 2019

  • ManiaBot: Now supports vehicle entries for united & custom cars.
  • API: Reference added for united & custom cars.

API Reference: https://api.mania-exchange.com/documents/enums
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7th of March 2019 - February updates until now:
  • BUGFIX: Favourite notifications are back.
  • BUGFIX: Replay uploads with different car
  • BUGFIX: Question mark in front of map names with unicode characters
  • Notification, when your WR gets beaten on a track.
  • New replay on-the-fly uploader; automatic track association by uploading any replay.
  • Admin tools overhaul + a Classics map manager for moderators (to populate the classic tracks)
  • New convenient link to invite people to our Discord: https://tm.mania-exchange.com/discord
  • Added support for Stunts and Arena maptype (disabled replay upload and author time validation for these types, also useful for Pursuit maps)
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11th of May, 2019 - May update

# Comeback of MX Support - Support the MX Crew in return for exclusive features:

# Multi Replay Upload on the fly
# Multi Track Upload for Mappacks (coming next week)
# Nametag with a star on MX
# Recent Supporter tracks on the front page
# List of new features
# Nightmode (thanks to TrackmaniaDude for the groundwork)
# New MX Logo / Corporate Design by Keissla and Ozon
# MX Merchandise powered by Elbster.de
# New Unlisted Feature for tracks
# New Tile- / Mosaicview for Track Search
# New .exchange Domain - Co-Exists with old Domain
# New Help buttons with pop-up tutorials (being implemented slowly)
# New banners by shortz and new background by eyebo
# New "Mixed" track style

# Small hotfixes
# Improved main menu
# Login with Maniaplanet redirects you to previous page now
# Various style improvements

# Brand new Mappack section
# Create mappacks (competition, requests, campaign, contests and normal)
# Create maprequests (public and secret)
# Set individual parameters for mappack submissions
# Add a Video URL to link mappack presentations
# Intuitive Select Mode for batch adding existing tracks
# Upload tracks directly into mappack (support for hidden & undownlodable upload)
# Powerful mappack management tools
# Add managers to help track & info management
# Manage user track submissions with built in tool
# Add internal comments for all managers to see
# Request changes to a track and monitor them
# Download ZIPs of (approved) mappack tracks
# Pyplanet support to add (unreleased) mappacks to servers
# API: Get info, tracklist and search mappacks
# Search and Request Tool Visuals are WIP!
# In the near future
# Improved mappack features (based on your feedback!)
# Inter-Mappack leaderboards
# Completely reworked LB system (we wanna think a little longer about it)
# ManiaCalendar integration in mappacks
# E-Mail notifications for PMs
# New News section for and by MX users
# New merchandise items (if there is demand)
# More distant future
# Full page redesign
# Further Maniaplanet integration
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19th of May, 2019 - Additions, Bugfixes in the meantime:


# Mappack thumbnail upload
# Added report reasons to mappacks
# Mappacks: Add tracks error
# Tracks: Error when editing a track which is in a mappack
# Mappack Search: Added pagination inside mappack search
# Account: View mappacks by user now points to the user
# Mappacks: Fixed the thumbnail upload bug when editing the mappack (may require manual adjustment by me for old mappacks => PM if error)
# User Search: You can now see who supports us under Users -> Supporters.
# Nightmode: No more blinding textboxes (hopefully)
# Mappacks: Delete thumbnail button (may not work on older mappacks => PM if no result)
# Mappacks: Download Counter implemented + who downloaded?
# Mappacks: Common environment is now also shown (& replaced titlepack in search with environment)
# Tracks: Shortlinks that are shown on top should now even work with the unlisted function
# Mappacks: Track thumbnails do now show up inside the add/remove tracks feature.
# Mappacks: Released mappacks do no longer show a "release mappack" button.
# MX Support: No more redirects to accounts.mx after donating

New stuff:
# Shortlinks for Mappacks
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MX Intermediate updates June:

# Mappacks
# New Tile View
# Frontpage Mappacks
# Tracks
# KO Tracks: Install & Play working for authors again
# General
# Upload limit raised to 6MB, Supporters up to 12MB
# New SVG Loading animation
# New Popup Tutorials
# Style & Nightmode improvements
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MX August Update:

# New PlayLater feature
# Bookmark tracks and view them inside a list on top
# Download bookmarked tracks as .zip
# Mappacks
# New Mappack search
# Search now also available from the top menu
# New Environments Speed and Alpine
# Searchable and recognized upon track upload
# General things
# Top bar redesign
# Track Search: You can now search by track length
# Tutorial popups do now look even better
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