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Public Changelog
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2014-05-04 15:16:54  
04/05/2014 - Playpal Online
  • Updated PPO controller logic to use script modes.
  • Updated styles to match new scoreboards.
  • Multi-environment support added.
  • Updated PPO page styles a bit.
  • ...
For now only the multi-environment PPO server is online to see if it runs fine, after that, other servers will be updated too.

04/05/2014 - API
  • Added VehicleName in API results for TM.
  • Added HasThumbnail and HasScreenshot fields.
  • Current API page is now marked as outdated.
  • Updated tracksearch link. It is strongly recommended to update applications using the old tracksearch to the new one.
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2014-05-07 22:01:33  
07/05/2014 - Fixes/PPO
  • Fixed several xml format API serialization issues (errors, fields missing...)
  • Fixed an error that appeared when trying to edit the details (and some more occasions) on very old maps.
  • Adding the same track to multiple PPO servers is now possible.
  • Fixed a bug which rejected old maps when trying to add them to the PPO listing.
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2014-05-19 19:22:16  
16/05/2014 - Styling & Ads
  • Renewed menu styling.
  • Re-enabled ads.

17/05/2014 - Links
  • Added a link button on each page to link to that specific page. Changed the forum-posts one to this too.
  • Viewing a forum post through a link will now automatically scroll to that specific post.

19/05/2014 - Related tracks
  • Displaying related tracks on each trackpage. (Experimentation more or less, in case something gets terribly mismatched, please let me know.)
  • Updated styling of online-ratings display.
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2014-07-14 11:27:53  
26/05/2014 - Maniahome
  • Maniahome notifications now contain the screenshot of the map as media item.

12/07/2014 - Best Competitive Tracks of the Week
  • Added a Best Competitive Tracks of the Week panel on the frontpage, displaying maps with the highest LB value uploaded in the last week.
  • Added tracksearch view and modes for BCTOTW and BCTOTM (yay acronyms!).

13/07/2014 - Tracksearch
  • Added ratings view.
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2014-07-20 21:44:20  
19/07/2014 - Tracks
  • Now tracking if a track uses ghost blocks or not.
  • Now tracking a list of embedded objects in each map.
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2014-07-23 18:25:37  
21/07/2014 - Embedded objects
  • External links support.

23/07/2014 - API
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2015-01-21 14:09:01  
24/07/2014 - Tracksearch
  • Added tracksearch filters for filtering on embedded objects and ghostblocks.

23/08/2014 - Increased replay upload time
  • Increased replay upload time (timeout time) to prevent it from giving up during high load/backup times.

30/08/2014 - Track icons
  • Icons next to each track are changed: open in new window isn't ever used anyway, allowing instant install and play instead.

01/09/2014 - Showcases
  • Showcases on the frontpage added.

27/09/2014 - New userbar
  • New userbar/top bar with inline search and async message/notification fetching.

29/09/2014 - IE Fix
  • Fixed some IE bug where IE decided to go full-defense mode.

04/10/2014 - Thumbnails
  • Extracted thumbnails are now cropped instead of resized to ensure proportions of the thumbnails remain intact.

24/10/2014 - ManiaHome Groups/validation
  • Separate ManiaHome Groups for SMX and TMX are now set to not clog the feed with messages.
  • Improved track validation on TMX.

02/11/2014 - Background changed
  • Background changed.

08/12/2014 - Fix
  • Fixed an issue with some titlepacks not being properly recognized.
  • Improved error message if a replay doesn't match the titlepack used in the track.

20/12/2014 - Performance
  • Changed backup routine to not give the site a huge performance hit every night.

20/01/2015 - API
  • Online ratings/MXKarma fields are properly set at api.mania-exchange-calls now.
  • Started on an enumeration documentation page.

21/01/2015 - API
  • All enumeration values are documented now.
  • Merged TM and SM API documentations.
  • Fixed numerous issues in the API documentation.
  • Updated the tracksearch api call documentation with all parameters and their enumeration values.
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2015-02-25 20:14:58  
19/02/2015 - Stuff
  • API now returns an AuthorLogin field containing the Maniaplanet login for each track.
  • TrackSearch2 now supports anyauthor and mpauthor filters to filter on both MX/MP login or just the ManiaPlanet login.
  • Fixed nonbreaking windows.
  • Added [ hr ] tag for a horizontal line.

25/02/2015 - Co-authored tracks
  • Co-authoring tracks is now public.
  • Adding someone as co-author can be done in your tracks properties.
  • Co-authors will send and receive notifications (mostly) like normal authors, like award notifications.
  • Awards are shared on all co-authors.
  • Tracks are visible in track lists of all co-authors.
  • Adding someone as co-author will require that person to verify the request before they're an actual co-author.
  • Track co-authors intend to fully replace duo-accounts.
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2017-06-19 18:34:53  
19/06/2017 - Several bug fixes and feature implementations
  • General: changed IRC webchat into Discord invitation
  • General: updated several pages to new V2 design
  • API: added track UID in search results
  • Forums: thread review - check the last 10 posts when replying to a forumtopic
  • Site Statistics: expanded and improved
  • Front Page: fixed invalid order in BOTW box
  • Front Page: added environment indication in showcases
  • Track Pages: page header corresponds with the track environment
  • Track Pages: added upload date of replays
  • Track Pages: routes variable will now be loaded on updating track information
  • Track Pages: removed empty track in related tracks
  • Users: now displaying a tooltip when hovering a flag
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2017-10-22 19:08:43  
19/06/2017 - beginning of 2017 design and sytem overhaul
  • Front Page: Removed right column
  • Front Page: Tables do now show additional information (track value & world record)
  • Simplified the "Welcome to Mania Exchange"-Message at the top of the frontpage to make the site more compact and integrated the login form

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