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Public Changelog
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27/12/2011 - BOTW changes.
  • The BOTW now only shows one track per author.
  • '<' and '>' are now forbidden from user names.
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6/1/2012 - User search fixes and additions. New error pages. New account features.
  • User count now comma-separated.
  • Zero's have been replaced with hyphens.
  • Fixed a bug where sorting awards received by most/least did not work.
  • Meaningful error pages have been added when a non-downloadable or corrupt track cannot be downloaded.
  • A users last active status is now displayed on their account page.

Not all search modes work at the moment.
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15/1/2011 - New feature.
  • Duo accounts.
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16/2/2012 - Donation links.
  • Donations now work.
  • Donation links are now present.
  • Changed the file size limit to 1MB.
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20/01/2012 - New features, minor bug fixes and design changes.
  • New [fixed position] tool bar design (very top bar).
  • New background. *
  • Fixed a bug where invalid replays were shown in your replay list.
  • Fixed a bug where an error was shown for search results containing no elements.
  • Track download lists are now available to privileged users (donators).
  • Some minor bug fixes.

* The background is only available to non Internet Explorer browsers (Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox). The background is also quite large in file size. I am looking into compressing it further.

A page refresh may be required! ;)

Kudos to TMNFX moderator Ornaiim for making it!
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21/01/2012 - Design changes and new features.
  • The background of each menu tab is now a gradient.
  • Donators can upload much larger tracks.
  • MX supporters track window on the front page.
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26/01/2012 - New features and minor changes.
  • Added 'Show More' link to supporters window.
  • Removed community tracks menu item and added 'Duo Tracks' item.
  • Added a new icon to the thread view page for anchoring posts.
  • Added forum search.

The forum search functionality is a lot different than old TMX. There are a few bugs I'll work on, but it'll do for a first release. Bugs go into the bugs forum.
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18/2/12 - Changes, new features and bug fixes.
  • ManiaRecords is no longer available.
  • New BB code parser is currently in use in the forums.
  • Various bug fixes.

The purpose of the partial BB code update is for stress testing. I need to analyse its use and performance in a production environment.
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20/2/2012 - Changes, bug fixes.
  • Increased the character limit for blog entries to 60,000.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from deleting blog entries.
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24/2/2012 - New features.
  • Ability to search by mod name.
  • BOTW show more, BOTM and ATF links.
  • Leaderboard window on account page.

BOTW, BOTM and ATF are all unfiltered searches.
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