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What are blogs for?
What are blogs for? 31 May, 2012
 MX Moderators (19 comments, 1604 views)  
We would like to make offical a rule which we have thought about for some time for the blogs area.

Blogs are about comment and opinion, discussion and argument, exploring ideas, expressing concerns, questioning and even ranting if the mood take. They can also be about simple entertainment, puzzles, or quiz, or fun items. They can be about styles of maps, about how or why to build maps, reporting on community projects or events, or they can be lists of maps of a certain theme.

Or maybe they can talk about what makes a good map and what makes a bad map, they can be reviews or they be on subjects around the game like mediatracker, video making or graphics, or about any number of other things we have not said.

But they should not be about promotions of one self or ones own maps, so we are making a rule that posts which do the following will be removed from the blog...

o Here is my new track
o Coppers or Planet contest
o I am leaving the site, or I have returned
o Blogs which find other ways to be against the spirit of this part of the site

There are places to do all of the above on the forums.

We hope this rule will make the blog section a richer a place and a place where you feel compelled to leave a comment because the auther moves you to make your ideas also heard.

For some examples, we have really appreciated the following blog entries...

- Canyon: An Acquired Taste?
- Styles and Modes of TrackMania
- A word about collaborative tracks
- Remixing
- The process of making a screenshot
- TM: Relaxing entertainment?

Now that we have made this rule, please feel free, if you are creative minded, to make use of our blogging facility and make articles which the community will be happy to read and comment on. You can do many things here if you have the ideas.

19 comment(s).
  eyebo.wp writes ... 18, Jun, 2012  
If deleting spam is a form of censorship and moderation, so be it.

That's what blog entries are which feature a single sentence like "try my track" and a link to the track. It's a form of track spam. We don't allow it in unsolicited PMs to people, and we don't allow it in the blogs.

The link on tracks that says "review this track" is meant for reviewing other people's tracks, not your own.
 pt_maps writes ... 08, Jun, 2012  
... says:

Featured Blog Entries

Feature this track on your blog!
There are no reviews for this track.

should be removed from the sites of tracks.

blogging are more than information and discussion , in that way which you means.
and promoting are a kind of information, too. it's the readers descision to read what he want.
but saying "i don't want that kind of information, so you have to stop publish such things." isn't a polite way.
in my opinion, these rule will say; "here isn't a place to have a blog about my/your tracks, related to tm2c."
the kind of topics here are as more reglemented as simply following the tm-topic.

that is a discussion about principles.
  MrA writes ... 07, Jun, 2012  
Somone listed those articles in the forum thread about this and becuase I am lazy I just lifted them from that thread knowing they are good articles. I had no idea of who made the articles and was not minded to start doing a search about it.

I agree there are examples from other people, and becuase of the new rule, you wont find it so hard to find them :)

If someone wants to make a 'X Months of the blog' post and give us some thoughts on a more varied list of articles then I think that would make a nice entry ;)
 Voyager006 writes ... 07, Jun, 2012  
Root of blogging ?

Blogs are for information and discussion. They are not a tool for promotion of selfmade tracks.
If they were, the blog list would just look like another "Latest 10 tracks".
 pt_maps writes ... 07, Jun, 2012  
should not be about ...
o Here is my new track

that isn't a good rule. has a little touch of censorship.
why this called "blog"? (*retorical question*)
with rules like these, the root of blogging goes ad absurdum.

 metoxys writes ... 04, Jun, 2012  
eyebo (741) says:
Just so you know, I didn't have anything to do with writing this blog entry (I say this so you know I'm not self-promoting my blog entries).

Although, I totally agree with this entry, and I will support this new rule as a moderator. (y)

Of course you didn't have anything to do with writing this blog entry. This makes it even worse.
  eyebo.wp writes ... 04, Jun, 2012  
Just so you know, I didn't have anything to do with writing this blog entry (I say this so you know I'm not self-promoting my blog entries).

Although, I totally agree with this entry, and I will support this new rule as a moderator. (y)
 arzgaa writes ... 03, Jun, 2012  
Them people who bother reading other released blogs. The latest is one great example of it.... :-w

Edit: Yeah, it already got removed, as expected. I love to see things work :)
 metoxys writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  

The links: Tuta, Tuta, eyebo, eyebo, eyebo, eyebo

That's it, I'm gone for now
 XT»Marti writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  
Personally, I found this one a very interesting blog ;)
 SPIDER writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  
It was just a matter of time.
yeah i know kruemelyeti. (y)
but i dont have any track that is underrated anymore.
 Shredster7 writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  
Awesome! Glad to see the new rules implemented, those self-promos were getting on my nerves too. Thank You MX Moderator Team!
 XT kruemelyeti writes ... 31, May, 2012  
Good to see the new rule has made it! (y)

@Spider: to make a competetion you can create a new thread here. ;)
 SPIDER writes ... 31, May, 2012  
haha Mra iam not trying to break the rules i just trying to avoid them, hehe no just kidding iam trying to get things clear, but as you see i scratch most i wrote, and just answer Minato with the planet question with nice try (y) and i think we just post what we beleave in and is good for blog and if its not , well its removed anyway and we understand it a little bit better and get smarter with time. ;)

I am not stupid, or am i, :s hmm :$ maybe i was a bit ehh 8-| , but as i sad we get smarter and smarter so no one is stupid. ^^ forget what i sad that was just stupid. =p ohh wait if you read all the text i wrote then you won´t forget it. (y)

Or please dont let me stop you, feel free to forget it, its up to you if you read this enoyingness i wrote, hehe.
  MrA writes ... 31, May, 2012  
SPIDER, instead of trying to think of a way to challenge the rule, think about rule 4 (the spirit), and decide what you want to do.
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