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Location: Home  Community Forums  Community Projects  75 Builders Project - Collecting Parts: Round 2 
75 Builders Project - Collecting Parts: Round 2
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08 January 2017 12:03:33  
Where were the maps sent to Cxom? Mail, link in MX or what? Any change to find them?
Beetle Racer
Location: FI
08 January 2017 13:39:23  
wormi says:
Where were the maps sent to Cxom? Mail, link in MX or what? Any change to find them?

All through PM here on MX. Cxom sent out pm's to all builders and everyone has sent back their parts manually. I used my own ftp server and I guess people used all sorts of methods like dropbox, free upload sites or mail. So no way to get those parts back.

Ps. eyebo and I are still keeping an eye out but for now the project stays closed. Unless someone wants to start manually recollecting all parts with a chance that cxom shows up after all.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
10 January 2017 03:35:38  
Today I stumbled on an archive of some of the D75 files.

3 years ago Cxom shared a folder of some parts of D75 he wanted me to help with. Long ago I removed the shared folder from my dropbox when I was no longer helping with the project. And I assumed I gave up access to it.

Today I discovered that I could re-add the folder to my dropbox, using dropbox's web interface.

Inside were what I thought to be all the parts. Unfortunately they were the template files sent to individual authors to build from.

There is a file that has 25 parts put together. It was last updated in July 2014. The signage and scenery is only partially done. But it's drivable/validatable. I drove the whole thing in about 32 minutes, with quite a few respawns at some spots.

There's also a folder with signs for 59 author names.

Trouble is, I don't know whose part belongs to who right now. Except for snake55wildcat... because I remember his part had too many wallrides. :cool:

From what I can tell, pfm's map file contains most of the parts that I have. I drove his and the one I have both tonight. His is much more polished and easier to finish. So good work there pfm! (y)

pfm says:
Reposting this in case you missed it and want to have a taste of what the track could have been:

This "extract" contains about 20 parts (20 builders).
It is still quite a long drive by any standards (aprox 24 min lame validation run)

Maybe someone even wants to polish this a little bit and calculate Normal shadows?

Download Here (Fast Shadows)

I got a 22:18.95 on first run on pfm's. It was quite fun! The only thing lacking is signs to show when you're entering a new part.

I'm still hopeful I'll get the parts from Cxom, or at least learn of their fate. For now there's not much more we can do.

I will send what I have to GR though.
Last edited by eyebo.wp, 10 January 2017 08:23:38
Site Leader
Location: US
10 January 2017 17:55:12  
Looking into it. (y)
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
03 February 2017 20:45:04  
A little is a lot better than none, I'd say!

And we still have the planning sheets of pfm/Cxom on page 1, if it helps.
I've still got my part hanging around if it's needed.
Moped Racer
Location: SE
06 February 2017 14:24:04  
Here's an update. I've analysed the archive. I found it has two large project maps that together hold 35 parts!

Just speculation at this point but eyebo thought of the idea of splitting up the project in 3 parts (25 parts each). The project becomes easier to handle, keeps a higher framerate and it's less exhausting to drive. We could make a 75 part version in the end since merging tracks is easy with the copy/paste tool. Ofcourse we need all 75 parts first so this might never happen.

Here's what I sent to eyebo:

GR. says:
It looks like the track called D75.Map.Gbx holds more parts! I've compared the coords and it should have 12 more parts after excluding the doubles. Unless parts are on different coords and are double afterall. This takes some puzzling. And I also found out that the 25 part version only has 23 parts.

Map1= D75 Third 1_ Parts 1-25 - validated.Map.Gbx (23 parts)
Map2= D75.Map.Gbx (26 parts)

Map1 - Map2

Layer 1:

1-1-1 - 1-1-1 (double)
1-2-1 - 1-2-1 (double)
1-3-1 - 1-3-1 (double)
2-1-1 - 2-1-1 (double)
2-2-1 - 2-2-1 (double)
--------- 5-2-1
--------- 5-3-1

Layer 2:

--------- 2-2-2
--------- 2-3-2
2-4-2 - 2-4-2 (double)
--------- 3-2-2
3-4-2 - 3-4-2 (double)
4-4-2 - 4-4-2 (double)

Layer 3:

--------- 1-1-3
--------- 1-5-3
--------- 2-1-3
--------- 2-5-3
--------- 3-1-3
--------- 3-4-3
--------- 3-5-3
4-1-3 - 4-1-3 (double)
4-2-3 - 4-2-3 (double)
5-1-3 - 5-1-3 (double)
5-2-3 - 5-2-3 (double)
5-3-3 - 5-3-3 (double)
5-4-3 - 5-4-3 (double)


fourteen doubles

23+26=49-14= 35 parts total

To me it seems like cxom has followed the order of the spreadsheet so I assume the coords are right.

But if we're still going for a 25 version then we don't need those extra parts right now. But it's nice to know that, after a year of having nothing, we actually have half the project files in our possession now. Although in a raw form. :)

Edit. In the 25 version (which holds 23 parts), the order matches the spreadsheet exactly. So that's good. But we're missing part 24 and 25. They're not in the other version either. So we could ask Bushmonkey and TeeJay if they still have their parts.

Edit2. For the fun of it I've merged both tracks. So I have a track with 35 parts now worth 48668C. But of course everything after part 23 is not connected. It's still drivable when it comes to frame rate. The fps rarely drops below 30 but it does feel laggier than the 23 version.

I still feel bad about the idea of just recollecting as much parts as possible and putting them together in a freestyle way. And it would be really hard since all parts have specific entries and exits. So this would be a last option to me (but still an option).
Last edited by GR., 09 February 2017 21:50:23
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
06 February 2017 15:10:21  
Sounds good.

Thanks for all the work, you and eyebo put into it lately. Getting anything out of the project would be great and the bigger the better as long as it's doable.
Moped Racer
07 February 2017 00:37:53  
I still have my part, so if anyone needs it just let me know:)
Moped Racer
Location: US
09 February 2017 17:11:28  
I think at this point, it's a better idea to start the project from the very beginning. Only I don't think we could get 75 users, maybe with the release of mp4 there will be more activity.
Last edited by FT»Mandark, 09 February 2017 17:11:48
Beetle Racer
Location: RO
04 May 2017 15:26:23  
Just to let you know, nothing has happened with the project since I analyzed eyebo's files on January 11th 2017. When eyebo found those new parts it gave a short boost in motivation but soon it ended in dissapointment again. Having half the track parts still means having nothing. The idea of making a track with the first 25 parts would only be useful if we knew we would get the ramaining files. But untill now cxom still hasn't replied.

The thing is that I'm not motivated to recollect the files. At the start of 2016 I was almost at the point of manually recollecting all parts and then cxom shows up, promises to continue the project, leaves the project once again, leaving me double empty handed. And manually recollecting is bs now as he has the files right in front of us but simply not giving them. So I'm not doing it. But if anyone wants to, be my guest.

So last year I had time to work on the project but cxom didn't send the files. This year eyebo had free time and cxom still didnt reply. You can understand the frustration and demotivation this caused. 5 month ago eyebo spotted cxom idle on IRC but thats the last we've seen from him.

In other words if anyone wants to do something with the project or has any other ideas please tell.
Quad Bike Racer
Location: NL
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