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2011-2013 ARCHIVE - MTC Theme suggestions
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14 October 2011 15:23:39  
tracks will be kinda same :p or I misunderstand something?
Zimmer Racer
Location: LT
14 October 2011 15:59:32  
to expand even more on voyager's expansion -- I think it would be even cooler if there were only 2-3 macro blocks and they were the only thing u could put into your track besides a start, finish and scenery. It would be interesting to see the creative ways people would use the macro blocks. :cool:
Location: US
14 October 2011 16:32:55  
Do Voyager's description of Banjee's idea! Brilliant idea!

However, there should indeed be a set. Having only two or three to choose from would maybe not make the track monotonous, but the different submissions wouldn't vary as much from each other as one could wish.
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Moped Racer
Location: SE
15 October 2011 02:03:45  
my idea pivots ont the fact that the macro blocks would be large and intricate.
Location: US
21 October 2011 14:29:26  
Deco-Smashing :p
Moped Racer
21 October 2011 15:20:14  
Banjee says:
my idea pivots ont the fact that the macro blocks would be large and intricate.

And everyone's track will be the same! :$
Moped Racer
Location: BE
21 October 2011 19:03:06  
metoxys says:
An at least 2 min long PF track with exactly 4 reuses?

My suggestion for now
Beetle Racer
Location: DE
12 November 2011 00:49:02  
Marius 89 says:
Deco-Smashing :p

Too easy. It's fairly easy to deco-smash on canyon just as a normal thing (hell, loops can be re-used with people not crossing each other).

Which brings me to a little idea which borrows some from the crossover contest XR held a couple of years ago: The thing is creating a track with 2 different routes that have to be driven (like the crossover), but any kind of block with double level (arena tunnels, arena "borders", loop tops...) must be driven each side from each lap. OFC, a little "double block" minimum should be established.
The Green Dude
Location: ES
12 November 2011 22:29:15  
After finishing my 3x 8s drift track I thought about this theme:

4 seasons drift:
- The track must contain a drift which leads over all 4 surfaces (road, offroad, gp, plattform)
- Any jump or drop will cancel the current drift

I'm shure it's possible. Might not be the most suitable theme atm though, as we had a drift mtc already. :cool:

greez: Tobbe
Old Age Caravanner
Location: DE
13 November 2011 00:18:26  
ok, we had change of surface, long drifts
the next should be about making airtime
lots of it
make a track with at least 15sec or airtime
this should be taken in at least 3jumps
maybe its been proposed before, but i'm not reading all this spam :p
THINK its not illegal yet
Location: BE
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