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Some good news...
Some good news...26 Jun, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 709 views)  
I told you about the bug report i posted last week on the forum. Good news ... i know answers to most of my questions. Part of it was no bug, but user failure.;)

But with every mistake you make, you learn and i learned A LOT. The last 10 years i have collected a big bunch of wisdom about Trackmania... I plan to share that ...

So a short report of what i came aware of:

1.) Musics on my title pack tracks... is it a bug or a feature ? ... i don't know:

As some of you may know, if you want to put music on your track, which everybody can hear, you have to upload it to a file hoster and make a .loc file with the link. I plan to make an easy tutorial about that.

BUT and now comes the but: If you put it in a title pack and upload it to a server your music may not play ... like it was the case on my server ...

SOLUTION: After you choose the music for your track, RENAME the musics folder. The link should be stored in the track file, so even if you do that, the music should still play. And if you play on your server you should do the same. There seems to be a check in the game, which looks if there is the music stored locally and if, doesn't download it, but also doesn't play it on server.

Same was for mods with mood settings for me. I uploaded them with a .loc file to a file hoster and on server didn't work. I deleted them from the local skins folder (or move it to somewhere Maniaplanet doesn't find it) and it WORKS!

2.) The update of my title pack:

That was all my fault .... i forgot to put essential data into the config file of the Title Pack. So if you download my "Update #2" of "Maximum 30 Seconds" you should be informed in the future about the updates. (15 Tracks so far, including some great ones from Ropesbart and Donfetti, who support me very strong ... THX to them ... Check out their tracks !)

Till then i wrote a tutorial to install/update my title pack : CLICK HERE

Also take a look at the discussion about title packs on the maniaplanet forum. I couldn't help to post my opinion too.... :dCLICK HERE

As i already mentioned i will do some tutorials to share my wisdom ;-). I will inform you about future tutorials in my blog. If you got some suggestions what should be in a tutorial, feel free to post it here.

So finally .... i see that all of you brought a box:

1.) Open the box
2.) Put Trackmania in
3.) Close the box

best regards

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