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My first (test) tutorial ....
My first (test) tutorial ....30 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (7 comments, 984 views)  
Was kind of busy with my new app, so a little delay on this blog again. But it have good news!
I finally got a server for my files hosting AND! for my planned tutorials!:d:d:d

I started with my first tutorial today, it's in a state of building and trying out, but if you got the time, please try it out and post comments here!

Here is the link : My new TM2-Homepage

As i already mentioned it's in a state of creation/building and i need your feedback!

It's about makeing a "mini"-Mod and put it into trackmania!
I plan to make such short tutorials in the future. I think 2 webpages would be the right "size" for step-by-step tutorials...

I'm looking forward for your suggestions/error-reports/comments!

best regards

Edit: Check out my track on the left, which uses the mini mod from the tutorial!
7 comment(s).
  ice_nine writes ... 04, Aug, 2014  
It's so easy to start modding. Thanks for the tutorial kata! :d
  aken writes ... 02, Aug, 2014  
Very nice, understandable for gimp noobs as myself. Btw I got the dds working so can't wIt to try this out when I get home(y)
  Ropesbart writes ... 31, Jul, 2014  
...sounds great - and easy..!
- I'll try it when I have time left..
Many thanks for this(l)
  kata78 writes ... 30, Jul, 2014  
Lol! But for trackmania correct is possible "Day","Night","Sunset" and "Sunrise"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ;););););)
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