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Location: Home  Blogs  Title Pack cannot be downloaded (#FIX#) 
Title Pack cannot be downloaded (#FIX#)
Title Pack cannot be downloaded (#FIX#)19 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (4 comments, 1104 views)  
EDIT #2: Orignial Message see below.

Well what should i say .. it was my own fault depending on some file hosters which are free and promising heaven for nothing ...8-|8-|8-|8-|

I fixed it now by using another file hoster, but i think it will be still limited, even if it is promised otherwise.

I will look now for a cheap server where i can host files and pay a little fee once a month.

Nothing can be so FREE and WITHOUT CHARGE and is worth that anger ......

So don't be angry if title pack download doesn't work, i put an extra file link in the description in the store and NADEO also fixed some errors, so updates should work automatically in the future and let's hope i find soon a server i can afford ....



Sorry! Our title pack is currently unavailable, because our file hoster which says unlimited up/downloads denied acces because of too much traffic:@:@:@:@

Until i find a new file hoster, title is removed from the store ...

EDIT: To use our title pack in the meantime, follow this instructions: CLICK HERE

best regards
4 comment(s).
  kata78 writes ... 29, Jul, 2014  
Yes... with the last (internal) updates i put the music and some of the mods into the titlepack so that solo tracks work again. But there is no else difference in tracks or blocks included ... Should be the same as in Update #5...

best regards
  Flighthigh writes ... 27, Jul, 2014  
The last Pack a have was Update 5 with 40 MB. This is 80 MB great. But the screen still Stand on 5 Update. Is this true?
  kata78 writes ... 19, Jul, 2014  
Until i find a new file hoster with direct links you can download pack

CLick here

You have to put the file into your "Documents\Maniaplanet\Packs" Folder, restart Maniaplanet and click on a free Menu Item and select "FROM DISK" .... Sorry thats uncomfortable:s , but the only way in the moment to play our title pack ...

  aken writes ... 19, Jul, 2014  
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