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Too much work ....
Too much work ....21 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (3 comments, 848 views)  
Hello friends!

I was sitting here half a night, changing the musics and mods of the title pack tracks and decided ... too much work ...

So i decided to make our Title Pack just Multiplayer from now on ... Tracks till now stay in the solo mode, but if you want to have new tracks and mods and all stuff, you have to play online on one of our servers or download the tracks from here in TMX ...

Of course i will make more custom blocks and mods and so on .. but the SOLO mode will no longer be pushed ... too much work for one man alone;) even if supported by such great track builders like Ropesbart, Donfetti, Aken, Roadrunner and more .. thx my friends:d:d:d

So no fear ... there will be great new tracks, mods and blocks ... but the SOLO mode .. i quit8-|

Thanks to my file hoster ...:| .. he put the work on me:-w:-w

Well have a nice week! And we see us on one of our servers next weekend ...


P.S. That thing with the locator files is much too complicated to keep tracks up to date ... just enter an url in the editor for a mod or a song would be sooo much more comfortable .. so its just time consumption ... :(
3 comment(s).
  kata78 writes ... 23, Jul, 2014  
Sorry Alcator! I forgot .... always talking so much about it that i didn't think of new readers ...:|

You have 3 possibilities to install our title pack "Maximum 30 Seconds":

1.) Play one of the tracks created with it. E.g. the track "Wormi" on the left from Donfetti. Just click on it and then click "Install & Play". The title pack should download automatically.

2.) Install from ingame store. Find it under "NEW" Tab.

3.) Install manually. Follow this link. CLICK ME....

best regards
  Alcator writes ... 23, Jul, 2014  
I wonder, why in the entire blogpost, there is not a single link to your product.

I'd love to try it, but at first glance, I have no idea how to get it.
  nibor writes ... 22, Jul, 2014  
I know how you feel about your "Baby"
and this must be a very frustrating situation for you.

but I guess you made the right decision for the project.
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