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Location: Home  Blogs  The Sky is the limit .... and you dont get it 
The Sky is the limit .... and you dont get it
The Sky is the limit .... and you dont get it07 Aug, 2014
  kata78 (3 comments, 1267 views)  
This week i added my second tutorial to the website:


In my second tutorial i show you, how you can change the "SkyColor.exr". And it's not only about the Color of the Sky, you can do any texture you like! I made a planet in Blender to show the possibilities... check out the map on the left!!

The music in the track is from our friend DJ AKEN! Meet him on our server on weekends!
Here is a link with some samples from his music : DJ AKEN from Australia

I also show you how to convert any image file into the "OPEN EXR" file format. One possibility is to make this with BLENDER. I always talk about blender... what is it?

Blender is a FREEWARE (OPEN SOURCE) 3D Animation Program. I use it to make my custom objects and convert my .exr files. Check out their homepage: Blender Homepage

It's a fantatstic program, but you need much time to learn it... I use it about one year now, but did'nt even touch 10 % of it's power ...:o You find a lot of video tutorials on their homepage and on youtube....

You know the youtube movie "Big Buck Bunny"? Check it out: CLICK ME! It's made with Blender!

Have Fun!

EDIT: thats the last tutorial i ever made for you
2 awards ... you will never see my sky
3 comment(s).
  Nesrally writes ... 10, Aug, 2014  
This is great ! More people should share they`re experience here...... For me, probably to old already to ever learn how to do this stuff, but will always be there to enjoy what u young guys figure out, and race the track with those new objects, or whatever new stuff being putting into it...... GG ! ! ! !(l)(l)(l)(l)(y)(y)(y)
  aken writes ... 07, Aug, 2014  
Good tute once again. I tried myself to locate something to convert exr during the week and came up with zero, blender and photoshop excluded.
Would be great if nadeo could supply a native 'blob' that could made into shapes and moulded. Obviously with the critique of the community to be accepted.
And Kata mate, thank you is not enough for the plug. I'll see you on chat(y)
  danodude writes ... 07, Aug, 2014  
Yes, Blender is pretty epic:cool:

Gg with the tut too ;)
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