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Summer time!
Summer time!03 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 670 views)  
First i want to welcome a new member of our title pack creation team.

AKEN from Australia!:d

Check out his first track on the title pack! It's the 4th GREEN track in SOLO Mode of the new Update #3 of "Maximum 30 Seconds". You may also download it from TMX, look on the left side of this blog for featured tracks. Of course there are also Maps from Donfetti and Ropesbart!

So .. its summer time and now that Update #3 is out, i have to tell you, that i don't have that much time in summer for TM, so don't expect a update every week ... I have to finish some other things and of course relax in the sun:cool: .

But the server will be online every weekend also during the whole summer! Check the ONLINE Section of the Title Pack on weekends!

Now some other good news from NADEO: details of the UNIVERSAL DEMO are out!(y)

So as far as i understood there are 3 things which should bring us new players for TM & SM:

1.) From date of registration, 48 h ALL FREE playable (TM&SM)
2.) After that period ALL TITLE PACKS, where not more than 100 players connected, UNLIMITED FREE PLAY! (I hope you will tell your friends about our title pack;) )
3.) One hour a day ANY TITLE FREE PLAYABLE ...

2.) and 3.) are limited in SOLO mode on WHITE maps, but ONLINE you can play on any server...

Please correct me in the comments, if i did missunderstood anything..8-|

For me that sounds good to get more players especially for titles not often or none played (i didn't play shootmania for a while, but heard of the lack of players in some titles).

Of course NADEO said, there can be changes of this offer, but i have a good feeling about this.

So all of you have a nice summer time, don't forget there are other things as TM (or SM) (what? :|) and we see us on our server!

best regards

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