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Location: Home  Blogs  I am a little late with this (or last) weeks blog ... 
I am a little late with this (or last) weeks blog ...
I am a little late with this (or last) weeks blog...14 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 706 views)  
Sorry for not posting this weekend and not being on server. I got a cold and was laying in bed with fever ...:s:s:s It was rather cold in middle europe ... but now its getting hotter again:cool::cool::cool:

Answer to zipperke if we get tired of TM2: ... sorry we are just waking up:d ... custom blocks, universal demo, mood settings .. TM2 was never more interesting ... and many cool things to come .. promised ...(y)

Remembers me what a friend said: "I hate this 16:9 TV ... they only want me to get rid of my old tv-set ...". Well i said: "If everybody was thinking like you, our tv's would still be black and white with screens about 10 inch big ...":p

Well so i was ill and not much more happened, except that i released my first game app on google play for android devices. Its a free to play solitaire card game with 3d cards animation and if you got an android device (looks best on tablet) search for "Eddys Endless Entertainment". (thx to Mr.A to allow me this little ad;) )

Ah yes .. and my server was crashing this weekend because of an power failure, but next weekend it will be on again with new version of Maniaplanet ... See you there !

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