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Mania Exchange Explore27 Sep, 2012
  Mania Exchange (8 comments, 985 views) 
When Mania Exchange first launched back in August 2011, the track search had a display option called 'tiles'. This view displayed random portions of map screenshots in a tile layout. For a brief period of time it was quite a cool experiment and a creative way to find tracks by screenshot. It was short-lived and later removed.

Introducing Mania Read More
First Birthday!25 Aug, 2012
  Mania Exchange (13 comments, 837 views) 
It's been a little over a year since ManiaExchange was opened to the community of ManiaPlanet and associated games - TM2 Canyon at the time and now SM Storm.

It's been quite the journey the past year, let's celebrate with some statistics!

o 21,018 uploaded tracks.
o 43,803 replays uploaded.
o 272,649 combined track value.
o 1,853,666.72 combined leaderboard points.
o 1,878,168 total downloads (495,348 logged).
o 36,285 awards.
o 9,064 comments.
o 4,917 users.

Happy first birthday ManiaExchange!
Subscribe to the Mania Exchange ManiaFlash!20 Apr, 2012
  Mania Exchange (2 comments, 830 views) 
Nadeo Live have recently created a new Mania service called ManiaFlash. It's a subscription and message publishing system. More information here. :cool:

We've set up an official ManiaExchange channel for you guys to subscribe to. The primary focus of our messages is to inform you of recent uploads as well as the occasional update. :)

You can subscribe here: MX (maniaplanet:///:maniaflash?mx).

Enjoy and subscribe! (y)
Introducing the Duo Account System15 Jan, 2012
  Mania Exchange (15 comments, 2765 views) 
It's well and truly overdue, but it's finally here! The new duo account system. Easily manage and create duo accounts on the fly.

Making An Old System Better
We've improved the duo (trio or whatever!) system by making it possible to manage these types of accounts. Create an account with a click of a button and easily add as many members as you want. All from your account page...

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Welcome to the Blogs!20 Dec, 2011
  Mania Exchange (9 comments, 1709 views) 
It's taken a while, but they're finally here! The Mania Exchange user blogs. A place to share all things ManiaPlanet.

What are the blogs for?
The blogs are a way of promoting/sharing creations, events, competitions, projects, websites, videos/movies, tips and tutorials. Anything ManiaPlanet related really.

A word about linking to things: Write something about why you'...

Read More
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