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Read Post 5:14 PM on 09-Aug-2019
  Marius 89
Voted :done:
Read Post 9:43 PM on 01-Aug-2019
  AR »rexine July 2019 Public Voting Link: This month there are 7 8 MTC entries! Download them all here. In the voting sheet, give your score before your feedback (0 to 10, decimals are a...
Read Post 8:09 PM on 01-Aug-2019
  AR »rexine Welcome to the Monthly Track Contest (MTC) August 2019 hosted by Rexine! In the MTC your task is to build a track on a given theme. Later, all the submitted tracks are rated and a winner is determined. 🌍 Theme...
Read Post 12:36 AM on 31-Jul-2019
  Marius 89
Map is updated! 171462
Read Post 5:04 PM on 23-Jul-2019
Read Post 11:36 AM on 22-Jul-2019
  AR »rexine
Whoa, that's scary stuff. Good thing nothing serious came of it.
Read Post 1:19 AM on 22-Jul-2019
wow thx everyone who voted for my map, Congrats to the 2nd and 3rd place but i had some fun on all the maps.. sorry this is the first time i got onto tm MX. because i was rushed into hospital under a blue light and sirens, suspect heart failure "ca...
Read Post 10:29 PM on 21-Jul-2019
Read Post 7:00 PM on 20-Jul-2019
  AR »rexine In first place, we have wraith! :gold: 167635 "I love the flow of the map and the atmosphere." - Rexine "Like an interactive museum exhibit." - PangoLynne "Great job on this--fun to drive." - pjw Second plac...
Read Post 6:35 AM on 11-Jul-2019
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