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Read Post 10:07 PM on 10-Feb-2020
Voted :done:
Read Post 5:46 PM on 08-Feb-2020
Create your map from a map already created with only the checkpoints already placed. The same style as on Trackmania United with Puzzle mode. (The checkpoints already placed on the map can be any checkpoint). The goal is to see the imagination of...
Read Post 12:08 AM on 03-Feb-2020
  Arkive January 2020 Public Voting Link: This month there's 14 maps (28, if you count their source maps too)! Download them here. In the voting sheet, give your score before your fee...
Read Post 10:20 AM on 02-Feb-2020
I do hope that someone other than myself will vote this time. I don't know why, but a few times... I've been the only one to vote on the MTC stuff. And this time, I'm not even taking part in the contest, which could mean that if it happens again, and...
Read Post 4:03 AM on 02-Feb-2020
  Arkive Welcome to the Monthly Track Contest (MTC) for February 2020! If you thought this month was going to get better, too bad; this month is also hosted by Arkive! In the MTC, your task is to build a track on a given t...
Read Post 11:27 PM on 01-Feb-2020
GG to Larentz, Arken, and Plaste! Thanks for hosting Rexine!
Read Post 3:08 AM on 01-Feb-2020
Submissions are now closed! All participants have 24 hours from the time this message is posted to make any last minute edits you might have to your map. No more maps may be submitted. I'll have the voting sheet prepared sometime tomorrow.
Read Post 10:30 PM on 31-Jan-2020
Yeah, I possibly should had done some tweaking to mine, such as made it just a single lap. Although I will admit the claim that it was a troll map doesn't exactly sit well with me.
Read Post 9:47 PM on 31-Jan-2020
  AR »rexine Larentz takes first place! :gold: 179228 "This really blew me away with how creative it was." - Aurovee "The snow car feels totally natural on these very tight turns you've created." - eyebo "Incredible map !"...
Read Post 5:53 PM on 31-Jan-2020
182453 Finally got the track finished! I am such a bad procrastinator :D Also a proof image that the original United track is nearly as old as i say it is in the description (I have gone through 2 PCs since i first made the track in United and...
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