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Read Post 6:32 PM on 18-Oct-2019
I would like to possibly see a Touge-like map - IE downhill with tight, hairpin curves - as a potential MTC theme if it hasn't been done already.
Read Post 1:25 PM on 15-Oct-2019
  PangoLynne First place goes to Tona! :gold: 174603 "Each route has a great flow and solid calculations." - Rexine "The colour coding is brilliant." - PangoLynne "...
Read Post 7:30 PM on 03-Oct-2019
  mr.gmmbearz :D
insanely original theme :D :D
Read Post 3:10 PM on 01-Oct-2019
  PangoLynne September 2019 Public Voting Link: While there are only 2 entries this month, each of them have many tracks within them!...
Read Post 11:21 AM on 01-Oct-2019
  AR »rexine Welcome to the Monthly Track Contest (MTC) October 2019 hosted by Rexine! In the MTC your task is to build a track on a given theme. Later, all the submitted tracks are rated and a winner is determined. 🎃 Them...
Read Post 3:22 PM on 30-Sep-2019
I was originally making a map for this, but I didn't do much else for it, and... Yeah, I ran out of time, so I'm not taking part in this month's MTC.
Read Post 3:21 PM on 30-Sep-2019
Well done to the top three... And I'm glad that I did manage to get 4th overall with an environment which I know I can be better at when it comes to mapping. As for the signs, I am planning on eventually remaking them into a better themed signpack...
Read Post 12:23 PM on 30-Sep-2019
  AR »rexine First place goes to spaadynanou! :gold: 173231 "Pretty nice map to be honest, pretty liked these kind of original fresh ideas and the fact that your map is multistyles ^^" - Akiliyh "I love how this track makes...
Read Post 6:32 PM on 16-Sep-2019
Voted :done: (Y) :award:
Read Post 8:55 PM on 11-Sep-2019
Forgot that you have to upload the map through the mappack can someone add it to that for me. Actually shouldn't there be a way to add an already uploaded map to a mappack. 174123
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