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Read Post 1:06 AM on 30-Oct-2019
Read Post 3:36 PM on 29-Oct-2019
The backgrounds for November are currently being picked Feel free to keep submitting though, old submissions will still count for the future months, so no need to re-submit your backgrounds. And as always, you can submit as many background s...
Read Post 2:09 PM on 28-Oct-2019
Any update on all this stuff? Is it possible to embed a TMUF car with its model/sounds now in a TM2 environment without having to download anything else than the map (and maybe some files that'll be automatically downloaded with the map)? And if yes...
Read Post 7:20 PM on 27-Oct-2019
the Trackmania Dirt League come back for a new edition that will take place early 2020 ! (January - February) We are looking for dirt maps, you can find the requirements below. Requirements: Length: From 55 sec to 1min05 sec Difficulty: Cha...
Read Post 1:00 AM on 27-Oct-2019
Read Post 8:35 AM on 26-Oct-2019
Note to mappers involved in this project ! 19214 will be the videomaker of this year aswell ! So be sure to give me/him the files of your maps and a nice replay at least one week before the release of your map ! Also for those who want to do a l...
Read Post 7:48 AM on 25-Oct-2019
Valley map of 24/10/19 176579
Read Post 7:25 AM on 24-Oct-2019
  Moonlight Cookie | Marceli...
Read Post 8:11 PM on 22-Oct-2019
The French Championship has been announced this sunday after the TRF 2019 final ! Without map, no competition. So we'll start with the maps request. Here you can find all of the informations you need to map ! MAP: Mix styles MAP NAME: $39cC$fff...
Read Post 3:40 PM on 20-Oct-2019
I think we saw an MTC a long time ago which had the three-plus block usage, offan. An the square and platform/road only ones possibly wouldn't be that interesting to see.
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