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Read Post 10:41 PM on 14-Jul-2019
Hi, I want to block someone on this site because it bores me and thinks he's right about something or he's all wrong and asks me to give evidence while it's up to him to prove it what he advances. But in short, I want to block it and I do not know ho...
Read Post 6:46 PM on 14-Jul-2019
Assuming you're talking about normal sign blocks, skins for them should be placed in ..\Documents\ManiaPlanet\Skins\Any\Advertisement. You should make sure to restart your game after adding skins there (you may be able to just hit the refresh button...
Read Post 7:06 AM on 14-Jul-2019
So... anyone have any idea where we're supposed to place them and what resolution they have to be, to be used in the editor?
Read Post 8:08 PM on 13-Jul-2019
Hello, I'm finishing my Trackmania 2 Stadium track and I'm creating a replay for it. I have a clip trigger placed on the multilap block. This clip is meant to be triggered only at the beginning of the drive.
Read Post 5:57 AM on 13-Jul-2019
Due to the overlap of events, the 90MC will be held a week later to make way for the xd race (the next edition will then be held on Friday July 26th ^^ ). ;) New date : Friday , 26th July at 8pm (CEST)
Read Post 6:35 AM on 11-Jul-2019
Read Post 9:12 PM on 09-Jul-2019
Hey guys, i am pretty new in the Funspeed / Speedfun Scene and i will build some Maps in the Future . I hope you can enjoy . The first Track is a Duo Map with Meistercz 168623
Read Post 3:59 PM on 09-Jul-2019
Hello ManiaExchange, here is a desert-style mod. All stadium blocks are textured, and textures includes 'normal' and 'specular' "maps". :done: This mod as been optimized by decreasing by /2 the size of some textures that was too big for almo...
Read Post 9:33 PM on 08-Jul-2019
Tech maps : 50 – 65 second maps. Maps should be enjoyable to play , please calm down on the hard finish jumps. Custom blocks are allowed but keep it to a minimum. Map name : PTC – NAME Keep the decoration to a minimum. The map is impo...
Read Post 8:06 PM on 08-Jul-2019
It's perfectly fine as long as it's respawnable ;)
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