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Read Post 8:07 PM on 28-Jun-2020
Downloading big mappacks, such as the Canyon and Valley Smurfscup mappack isnt possible atm. You receive a file error: this file seems to be corrupted: Sma...
Read Post 8:48 PM on 27-Jun-2020
  Jarektmnx - drive around the reverse turbo - missing road
Read Post 11:19 AM on 27-Jun-2020
Read Post 4:31 AM on 27-Jun-2020
Read Post 4:07 PM on 26-Jun-2020
HF :) 198369
Read Post 12:29 PM on 26-Jun-2020
We chatted about it on Discord. Issue was a "$>" in the nickname stored inside the map file.
Read Post 12:13 PM on 26-Jun-2020
Hello there, i made a map on TM² Island Titlepack by Arkady and this is my second map i done so far. (First worked without problems) But when i wanted to upload this one, i`ve got this Error. I already showed this map to a couple of mappers/Ttilepack...
Read Post 9:31 AM on 23-Jun-2020
better late than never i guess, voted a while ago but forgot this Voted :done:
Read Post 3:51 AM on 22-Jun-2020
Hi, Thanks, i now have a "Username or Password incorrect" message. So not sure why here since like i said in the OP i did several tests already. I don't think the legnth of the field is too small in the database for it to fail even when i tested t...
Read Post 8:12 PM on 21-Jun-2020
Hi Harest, thanks for your feedback. I've fixed the missing error messages. To know if I have something left to fix, I need you to try logging in once more.
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