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Read Post 3:05 AM on 01-Sep-2021
 Marius 89
Read Post 3:19 AM on 30-Aug-2021
221352 221353 221354
Read Post 9:35 PM on 27-Aug-2021
Read Post 4:32 AM on 27-Aug-2021
A simple one: Start has to be directly below or above finish. Edit: Might also work as a theme for a 90MC. Or it has to be made a bit more challenging/complicated with other rules.
Read Post 12:51 AM on 23-Aug-2021
Got it! (Y) Do I need to upload a replay again? If so, can you remove my replays from these maps so I can add them again? :smirk: Another: :build: https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/view/25228 https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/view/2...
Read Post 2:21 PM on 22-Aug-2021
Thanks to everyone who participated in and helped with this special edition of the 90MC! (L) And without further ado, the results: Podium :gold: 221148 :silver: 221146 :bronze: 221149 Full Results 1 Limitless 40.7 2...
Read Post 1:49 AM on 22-Aug-2021
Got it! (Y)
Read Post 11:25 PM on 21-Aug-2021
Another broken: by Track Value : (Useless) :S https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/view/31571 :build:
Read Post 10:22 AM on 16-Aug-2021
Done. Thank you very much.
Read Post 7:15 PM on 15-Aug-2021
I don't have time to help investigate this issue today. But here's some quick links for anyone wanting to help. 219711 219710
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