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Read Post 6:08 PM on 04-Sep-2019
Okay then I would have submit like 3 or 4 maps? Or is it somehow possible for the player to choose in the car in the client?
Read Post 7:31 AM on 04-Sep-2019
As in different routes being designed for different cars? I'd say it's allowed, as long as it's clearly shown what cars go where (both in-game and in the author comments)
Read Post 11:33 PM on 03-Sep-2019
Voted :done: - but may update some of my votes later after finding out that two of them were using a certain pack. EDIT: Vote Updated to include the remaining maps :done:
Read Post 7:45 PM on 02-Sep-2019
Is it possible that you have to choose your car before driving like in the envimix titlepack campaign?
Read Post 7:29 PM on 02-Sep-2019
Alright, we have attained a sufficient number of maps. This request is now closed, thanks a lot for all contributors :gold: For those of you who will make new Nascar maps in the future: - All Nascar maps published on MX will be added to the N...
Read Post 1:34 PM on 02-Sep-2019
  AR »rexine August 2019 Public Voting Link: This month there are 7 MTC entries! Download them all here. In the voting sheet, give your score before your feedback (0 to 10, decimals are a...
Read Post 4:18 PM on 01-Sep-2019
(This has been approved for the 'late submission' due to some errors with computing shadows I had with it) 173562
Read Post 11:12 AM on 01-Sep-2019
Detailed judging sheet which shows my take at the points distribution in each category in case anyone is interested:
Read Post 7:47 AM on 01-Sep-2019
  PangoLynne Welcome to the Monthly Track Contest (MTC) September 2019 hosted by PangoLynne! In the MTC your task is to build a track on a given theme. Later, all the su...
Read Post 3:03 AM on 01-Sep-2019
  AR »rexine Marius wins! :gold: 171462 "An astonishing use of the highlighted block. It's everywhere! Amazing how all these block usages are packed into a single map." - Voyager "Not much to say about this map, it's great,...
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