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Read Post 8:51 PM on 13-Nov-2019
The search function is so glitchy and buged. Specially when you try to use more thsan the standard search parameters. Firefox is worst search often hanging up or buged Opera & Chrome work better but also not very good
Read Post 11:32 PM on 09-Nov-2019
Voted! :done:
Read Post 8:22 PM on 09-Nov-2019
Read Post 5:30 AM on 09-Nov-2019
  AR »rexine
Accidentally left the mappack on unreleased, it’s good now. I won’t be finished with judging until at least the 16th so public voting will still be open for a bit.
Read Post 3:31 AM on 09-Nov-2019
Are you sure? It works fine for me and Arkive. Yeah, it just loads the main page when clicked. When I go to the actual map pack page, the "Download" button is grayed out, and when I mouse over it, the pop-up says "You cannot download this mappa...
Read Post 3:23 AM on 09-Nov-2019
Read Post 12:11 AM on 09-Nov-2019
Map: 155147 Skins: Nadeo & 20252
Read Post 4:44 PM on 08-Nov-2019
  AR »rexine
Are you sure? It works fine for me and Arkive.
Read Post 4:45 AM on 05-Nov-2019
Special Edition map for 5th Nov 2019 177124
Read Post 4:26 AM on 05-Nov-2019
The download link does not work
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