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Read Post 11:43 PM on 20-Mar-2019
And some miscellaneous ones I've done:
Read Post 11:39 PM on 20-Mar-2019
And some more from me that are track overviews, or mostly focusing on scenery:
Read Post 11:37 PM on 20-Mar-2019
Some screenshots from me with cars: h...
Read Post 6:41 PM on 19-Mar-2019
After a few months of thinking, building and organising, I am happy to announce the first Level Cup. Here are notes about everything you need to know about the LevelCup on 3rd April Maximum amount of players - 50 Minimum amount of players - 16...
Read Post 6:03 AM on 18-Mar-2019
Read Post 5:22 PM on 16-Mar-2019
TrackMania Championship Series (Former New Talent League) map request: - Style : Tech - Mood: Day, sunset or sunrise - Pack ESL: Allowed - Mix mapping: Allowed (without flickering of course) - Lenght: between 00:40 and 00:55 min - Difficult...
Read Post 1:03 PM on 16-Mar-2019
asteri Cup #2 Date & Time: Tuesday, 23rd April, starting at 6PM CEST Duration: 1 Evening Concept: Cup Mode, Players splittet randomly on 2 seperate servers, Top X qualify for the next round which is already the grand final. Top 3 of the final wi...
Read Post 12:45 PM on 16-Mar-2019
Map Name: $i$eeeasteriCup $000- $XXXYOURMAPNAME (replace XXX by a colour of your choice) Titlepack: TMStadium or Competition TP, Custom Blocks allowed Tech: 45sec to 80sec, not too difficult nor too easy Dirt: 40sec to 70sec, not too difficult n...
Read Post 3:13 AM on 15-Mar-2019
  AR »rexine In first place, Clearvision! :gold: 158831 "I had high expectations going into this map, and I wasn't disappointed." - Keissla "Very smooth transitions, see this as a lot of fun for all types of players" - eF...
Read Post 9:59 AM on 14-Mar-2019
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