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Read Post 6:32 PM on 16-Sep-2019
Voted :done: (Y) :award:
Read Post 6:56 AM on 15-Sep-2019
  PistachioxAzura | ItzMarce...
Canyon with eyebo, So enjoy your day 173528
Read Post 6:55 AM on 15-Sep-2019
  PistachioxAzura | ItzMarce...
Read Post 9:22 AM on 14-Sep-2019
  PistachioxAzura | ItzMarce...
174260 174281 174280 174265 174262 174261
Read Post 7:56 PM on 13-Sep-2019
The Planet Dirt Cup is making his return with the 2nd Solo edition! Happening from early November to mid-December (official announcement coming soon), we are looking for fresh community dirt maps: Requirements : Name : $i$s$c60pdc $aaa- $fffMa...
Read Post 5:35 PM on 13-Sep-2019
Didn't expect that result :) :$
Read Post 4:30 AM on 13-Sep-2019
The results of the 90MC-15 is finally out ! :gold: :silver: :bronze: - R E S U L T S - :bronze: :silver: :gold: :gold: 169924 :silver: 169923 :bronze: 169935 Congratulations. 185 ! For your first title ! (Y) The full voting sheet...
Read Post 8:55 PM on 11-Sep-2019
Forgot that you have to upload the map through the mappack can someone add it to that for me. Actually shouldn't there be a way to add an already uploaded map to a mappack. 174123
Read Post 7:56 PM on 10-Sep-2019 (Picture by 21348) Novating Community is looking for members! After announcing our three first members, 22219, 18856, and myself, we are opening our public recruitment tonight! What is nc? nc, which stands fo...
Read Post 3:11 AM on 05-Sep-2019
It can be just the one upload. Submit it with the 'normal' car, and it can then be opened in the envmix titlepack for the other cars.
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