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Read Post 10:55 AM on 12-Apr-2020
I have no idea about other environments or base larger than 64x64, but here is my take on the base64 and nascar maps: in my opinion, base64 is good when you want to make very long nascar maps (more than 1 minutes per lap), which may happen for some e...
Read Post 9:12 PM on 12-Feb-2020
So stadium has a 64x64 base but how come this was never done for the other Environments? Was it hard to do? Have not tried using the 64x64 in vanilla as i never really play stadium but i fiddled around with it in a titlepack. Is it a mod that was...
Read Post 5:09 PM on 06-Feb-2020
Hi Jozii, Welcome back, nice to see you!!! - Check out the TMOne environments as well (TMOne Alpine and soon to be re-released TMOne Speed) :cool:
Read Post 6:47 PM on 01-Feb-2020
Hey Jozii! Nice to see you around! Thanks for the message! It made me smile. :D And thanks for starting the MTC all those years ago! I can't imagine TMX/MX without it. Feel free to drop by on Discord sometime. It's where most of us hang out the...
Read Post 6:32 AM on 29-Jan-2020
Wow, I'm so happy to see that this is still here, in a new ManiaPlanet design! :D I randomly stumbled upon a stream of the TrackMania Grand League on Youtube last week. I played A LOT back in 2005-2008, so I went on Steam, got Lagoon and Stadium,...
Read Post 6:51 PM on 28-Jan-2020
Anyone know a way to map an old controller(Logitech Rumblepad 2)? I have issues with the right stick, where it moves the mouse curser around the menus, no problem. I had it assigned to Y-axis, but the axis was reversed so throttle was down and brake...
Read Post 6:40 PM on 16-Jan-2020
Read Post 7:47 PM on 23-Sep-2019
Here is a list of the TM² Stadium Trial maps considered as "Classics" : Vanilla maps : Soft Mango - by PLTX Blood Moon - by PLTX Deep Blue - by PLTX & Dodeka Sand Stone - by PLTX Caroline - by Arsolight MiSHELL - by Arsolight...
Read Post 10:58 AM on 09-Jan-2019
Ach, I suspected that there was no easy/automatic solutions to that, otherwise it would have been already solved XD Thanks for the insight (Y)
Read Post 7:28 PM on 08-Jan-2019
This was a bug with converting old sunset maps using the batch converter. Even doing it in-game by opening the map and re-saving it doesn't fix the issue. The only way to fix these maps is to reapply the sunset mood to them and re-save them. I...
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