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Read Post 7:19 PM on 12-Aug-2016
Hi people :D It's my first ever SC so please know ;) I just a mini rpg map : Fill With Snow ( dowload link below ). So i'm searching for one of creation to showcase that on my map. I only have 2000 planets to reward. Sorry ! :'(...
Read Post 3:53 PM on 25-Jul-2016
Thanks for your screenshot Voyager, very nice one, you can send me a track for showcase!
Read Post 5:00 PM on 01-Jul-2016
  G-615 Production
I personnaly love this picture :D ! GJ man ;) (Y) !
Read Post 12:05 AM on 01-Jul-2016
Not too sure on this one, but tried to make it simple at least. 4K
Read Post 11:01 PM on 22-Jun-2016
Hi all! I need a screenshot for my ridiculous track. A non-traditional speedtech with an aerial atmosphere. I would prefer screeshots where we see this atmosphere! For the rest, you are free The track: : Oxygen Prizes: 1st: 1 Showcase +...
Read Post 2:34 PM on 13-May-2016
Oops, sorry I took so long to close this. :$ :gold: dMw I love the creativity and originality of this one. :silver: mgafMUAT The angle is nice. :) :bronze: dMw This one was...
Read Post 10:47 PM on 16-Apr-2016
Yeah ahah my bad, it's good now And thanks
Read Post 12:06 PM on 13-Apr-2016
that is easy to solve xD in tmx nations screens are 400x300 but here the screen must be 400x290, you just need to resize it
Read Post 11:37 AM on 13-Apr-2016
Ye I have a screen for this track in tmx nation but i can't post this on my track its strange ^^
Read Post 11:50 PM on 12-Apr-2016
i can try something but if you want a really cool screen try asking in tmx nations there are better screenmaker than me :P anyway cool track (L)
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