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Read Post 1:30 PM on 07-Jan-2020
Thanks ;) I don't have confirmation, but I believe it also affects the online votes (but then, maybe the online votes are meant to be kept from one version of the map to another?)
Read Post 10:19 PM on 03-Jan-2020
I fixed it manually for this map by updating the track signature (UID) in the database. The underlying bug that caused it in the first place is not fixed though. Thanks for the report! For any devs who are looking into this: The map is unreleased...
Read Post 4:25 PM on 01-Jan-2020
I updated "somewhat recently" one of my maps (for sake of example, this one: I noticed that the Dedimania records displayed on the TM map page point to the old version instead of t...
Read Post 4:26 PM on 18-Nov-2019
Thanks for the report.{site}/tracks/list/latest This is deprecated now, according to our API Documentation. Instead, you must use each sites' search API directly by visiting the specified URL. https://{site}.ma...
Read Post 2:51 PM on 18-Nov-2019
Player used command "/xlist" Player used command "/mxlist" fopen( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error on line 223 in file /home/arif/tm2/serwe...
Read Post 3:55 PM on 16-Nov-2019
Firefox, Opera, Chrome Suchfunktion hängt sich fast immer auf z.B: Suchbegriff Author: hazaart Die Suchfunktion hängt sich ebenfalls auf oder glitcht wenn man unter "more filters" mehr als einen weiteren suchfilter verwendet. (more filters) Su...
Read Post 4:36 PM on 15-Nov-2019
It doesn't help to say 'the search is bugged' when you do not explain in detail what you did in order to discover said bug.
Read Post 8:51 PM on 13-Nov-2019
The search function is so glitchy and buged. Specially when you try to use more thsan the standard search parameters. Firefox is worst search often hanging up or buged Opera & Chrome work better but also not very good
Read Post 6:36 PM on 09-Jun-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
Well, there is the "Race" section for all those unfitting tracks tho :/ I don't see what's the problem with putting those tracks there instead of having to "parasite" another style. Problem being that for Stadium, fullspeed got very specific over tim...
Read Post 6:33 PM on 09-Jun-2019
You both have good points. I'll change it for you tho :)
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