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Read Post 12:55 AM on 18-May-2019
:done: Awesome!
Read Post 12:44 AM on 18-May-2019
Hey inQuish, thanks for your report. I pushed a hotfix, which solved the issue. It shouldn't happen again nor should it affect the maps that have been uploaded during the time where the error happened (I tested a feature). :build:
Read Post 12:05 AM on 18-May-2019
After uploading a map, I got the following error: Unexpected Runtime Error Something went wrong: The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter 'id' of non-nullable type 'System.Int64' for method 'System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult Tra...
Read Post 10:30 PM on 14-May-2019
You are welcome to post into this forum if you... ...found a problem / bug on the page. ...have a suggestion / idea for MX. ...want to voice an opinion related to MX / its moderators. All other posts (general site discussions, game bugs, etc.) d...
Read Post 10:49 AM on 13-May-2019
just realized with the download counter it is less space for the map name. could you edit it to show full name? btw.: what is the site optimized for? 1024x720 or 800x600 resolution? hello future? :$ also a comment on mappack would make sen...
Read Post 8:43 AM on 13-May-2019
(Y) mappacks also could have download counter, no? comment section, too. First one is planned, second one not.
Read Post 8:37 AM on 13-May-2019
(Y) mappacks also could have download counter, no? comment section, too.
Read Post 10:27 PM on 12-May-2019
I see, I brought it back.
Read Post 9:00 PM on 12-May-2019
well, idk! previously it was there so it is not a new feature, maybe bug. coming sorting is good. cool would be for sure drag and drop.
Read Post 5:30 PM on 12-May-2019
Hey Trollzor, is the "missing download counter on account/my tracks" a feature request or a bug report? Please also go more in to detail regarding what you mean with that. Also, map sorting in mappacks will be coming soon.
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