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Read Post 6:36 PM on 09-Jun-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
Well, there is the "Race" section for all those unfitting tracks tho :/ I don't see what's the problem with putting those tracks there instead of having to "parasite" another style. Problem being that for Stadium, fullspeed got very specific over tim...
Read Post 6:33 PM on 09-Jun-2019
You both have good points. I'll change it for you tho :)
Read Post 6:29 PM on 09-Jun-2019
Speedfun is not a style available to choose in the MX style list. It would be too difficult to list all styles and sub-styles, as they tend to grow and evolve naturally rather than having strict definitions. The way I see it, Speedfun is a sub-style...
Read Post 5:43 PM on 09-Jun-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
Problem being the said slides are from a whole other mapstyle : speedfun. If it's another mapstyle, it's not fullspeed. Go on any Fullspeed server and you'll see that not a single track contains those features. Stadium FS is kinda specific. Then...
Read Post 5:31 PM on 09-Jun-2019
Well i saw your comments on my maps :) I know it's not a typical FS map but the Fullspeed categorie "rule" is : you go really fast and you never brake. So i put the FS categories on my 2 shitfest maps cause it's actually it. But for people who...
Read Post 3:21 PM on 09-Jun-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
Great then, ty for answering !
Read Post 3:17 PM on 09-Jun-2019
There is no easy 'fix' to this issue, since it is user-generated and therefore needs moderation. I have an idea on how to solve the conflict with an easy method and I'll keep you updated on when we're going to launch it.
Read Post 2:49 PM on 09-Jun-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
Atm its 15 maps over 20 not being fullspeed in the fullspeed list... Come on......
Read Post 3:48 PM on 05-Jun-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
Could anything be done about wrongly displayed mapstyles ? I play only Fullspeed in Stadium, so I filtered and set those as default. Problem being that more than 1 map on 2 labeled as "Fullspeed" is actually not fullspeed. Sometimes it's a LoL track....
Read Post 6:22 PM on 28-May-2019
Okay, thanks man. (Y)
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