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Read Post 3:26 PM on 18-Aug-2011
After I had finished my track, I computed the shadows (or, technically speaking, it was the computer which did it :D ). Some parts of road is in complete darkness now and there's no room for adding light sources. This makes the track unplayable as it...
Read Post 3:25 PM on 18-Aug-2011
hello everyone ;) Finally canyon is here and mania-exchange portal looks great, good job (Y)
Read Post 3:22 PM on 18-Aug-2011
yo trackmania has like the fastest community ever. never seen a game having such productiv gamers. Thank you'll
Read Post 3:19 PM on 18-Aug-2011
I have even worse problem: I don't look at the poster's name. I usually do it subconsciously, but this time, it just slips trough my eyes. I noticed this when I was writing like this: "@somebody: blahblah" and I couldn't remember who I was writing f...
Read Post 3:18 PM on 18-Aug-2011
I'm not too fond of that shot hawkger, it could be improved :) Here's one I made.. Kinda wish the car went the other way though :P 1080
Read Post 3:08 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Now that I've built my first track, I have a word to say about lighting. It looks very cool, but there's a big oversight that has been made. Dark areas. Dark areas really are dark areas :O I can't get light to all parts of my map, whatever mood and n...
Read Post 3:01 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Hello all :)
Read Post 2:47 PM on 18-Aug-2011
September 8th, 1992, Germany
Read Post 2:45 PM on 18-Aug-2011
sweet one max, cool effects (:
Read Post 2:44 PM on 18-Aug-2011
feel free to ask me :P
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