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Read Post 12:52 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Hello again to all of you
Read Post 12:50 PM on 17-Aug-2011
On ubishop there isn't any waiting time, gogo guys!
Read Post 12:45 PM on 17-Aug-2011
joost -> space :D
Read Post 12:44 PM on 17-Aug-2011
look's rly nice space :)
Read Post 12:41 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Looking good !!
Read Post 12:40 PM on 17-Aug-2011
The one time I had it something went wrong and now I am at least 2 hours in this fckin' queue... :-W
Read Post 12:37 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Hi everyone dudes! Finally TM2 :cool: BTW: Real nice job with this site, congratulations!
Read Post 12:34 PM on 17-Aug-2011
I can just say that I can't wait for the inevitable and undoubtedly hilarious clash(es) between the Nations- and United personalities. Hahaha, me neither
Read Post 12:33 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Heyho (Y)
Read Post 12:32 PM on 17-Aug-2011
The queue system is annoying and doesn't really help much.Whenever you click anywhere on the page it puts you back in the queue.
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