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Read Post 1:10 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Painting style WP
Read Post 1:01 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Very simple actually. Place your camera somewhere where you want an image to appear on the surface. Click "take screenshot" or whatever it is called, then open any image editing software and load the image that has been saved somewhere in your maniap...
Read Post 12:49 PM on 18-Aug-2011
sweet... seems like one can make pretty nice screenshots in TM² :D
Read Post 12:47 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Hey there =P
Read Post 12:47 PM on 18-Aug-2011
02/17/1990, Country --->
Read Post 12:46 PM on 18-Aug-2011
nice effects (y)
Read Post 12:43 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Heya^^ Could not resist long time before trying to edit a TM2 screeny :p Thanks Bucky for the angle (Y) wp
Read Post 12:37 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Hello everyone!
Read Post 12:24 PM on 18-Aug-2011
damn sry
Read Post 12:21 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Ehm, there already is a General section within the Graphics Forum :p
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