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#MX IRC Channel!22 Jun, 2013
  BLiNNeMaNS (2 comments, 1381 views) 
Pff if nobody blogs about it, guess i will ^^

There's a feature hidden in plain sight in a "not so often visited" section of the MX forums....

MX has its own IRC channel!!!

You can join the channel by either clicking right here or by joining #MX on quakenet in the IRC client of your choice.

General MX rules of conduct apply...

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The Stadium Bubble05 Jun, 2013
  Forzyy (29 comments, 5607 views) 

It burst

PROTIP! hide blockselect menu in editor02 Jun, 2013
  BLiNNeMaNS (6 comments, 849 views) 
I just got a reply on my forumpost on maniaplanet forums and had to share here!!!

Currently if you select 1 block the menu stays open, resulting in 1/2 of your screen unusable due to it being blocked by icons.

To hide that directory tree and only have the base bar, just press F1 followed by F2.

What it does is quite simple:
F1 selects terraforming mode, F2 reselects normal editor (and therefor resets view of menu)

happy building!
Star Wars IV | review by HawkGer02 Jun, 2013
  HawkGer (3 comments, 1987 views) 
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

... says: The Galactic Empire has built a weapon powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. It is called the Death Star. Rebel spies have stolen the plans to the Death Star, which could expose its fatal weakness. Princess Leia, who has the stolen plans, is being chased by Storm Troopers and the sinister Darth Vader. You must find the Death Star and destroy it before the rebel base is destroyed.

You might th...

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Track Map26 May, 2013
  Falkers (13 comments, 1318 views) 
When do you call it a Track or a Map?

Question above is something i have always wondered about, and to be honest i'm at this point just confused.

Here on the front page of mania-exchange you see things like 'Find Tracks', 'Upload Track', '
Remember to award and rate the tracks you like!', 'MX Supporter Tracks' just to name some, now if you look in the forum Read More
Author Showcase: nickrev24 May, 2013
   eyebo.wp (4 comments, 1818 views) 

Those of you who played TMUF back in 2009/2010 will probably remember nickrev. He made some really tough, but creative, transitional tracks back then.

His creativity hasn't waned at all, and yet he's quite underrated/unknown here on MX. I believe it's time for that to change!

Back in the Canyon beta he built three tracks, Read More
Give and take22 May, 2013
  SPIDER (11 comments, 1278 views) 
Hard to find good tracks so this is my new system.

I wait for a nice award. !!! replay´s show´s your support.

What is a nice award then ? this is what i say - give a nice award and i check one of your less and most awarded track , and this is what it mean > don´t just leave a smile or a shiny
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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#14]22 May, 2013
  arzgaa (7 comments, 793 views) 
Got the random track.

This is going to be good.


First of ...

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Is your map worth to be driven?21 May, 2013
  .zapph' (20 comments, 1033 views) 
Heya MX people!

I've thought about this theme for a longer time now. And I came to the opinion to let you guys know what I think!

This thread is about some requirements a map has to have for myself that I will drive/test/award/whatever... it!
As an old TM freak who was active in the best times of TMX I think I have the right to have requirements...
It was when I was between 15 and 16 (over 2 years ago) when I was very active on TMX.
At that time th...

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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#13]18 May, 2013
  arzgaa (9 comments, 1505 views) 
Well well well....

It's that time of the year again. (right? )
I'm back with another edition of my journey through the depths of this site.

First of all I'd like to make small kind of an apology about "leaving" this stuff for a long long time without saying anything. I've been busy with school and entrance exams to music schools...

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